Article promotion of the site, how to promote the site articles?

Website optimization and promotion is a complex activity that requires an approach with professional knowledge. Among the many types of promotion, the link is the most effective, and if you do not just buy links, but to install them in unique and separate articles, you can get much more benefit.

Article promotion of the site is used by many webmasters and optimizers, the only negative is high costs. On the other hand, having done a serious job, you can count on a significant result.

Article promotion of the site, how to promote the site articles?

How to promote the site with articles?

Search engines try to eliminate the mass purchase of link mass, therefore they track the naturalness of links. The links set in the new articles of the site look most natural, especially if they are correctly written in the text, and the article is of a suitable subject.

The first step is to start by creating a semantic core, highlighting the best keywords, and you will use them as anchors.

Read How to get to the leading position of the issue? It tells about the Key-hunter service, through which you can make a small core for free, there you will also find instructions on how to get it.

Article promotion of the site, how to promote the site articles?

Content search

The second step is to search for unique content into which links will be installed. The best option to order the writing of the text from copywriters. On the stock exchanges Etxt or Advego, you can quickly find performers, create a task and get any number of quality articles.

In addition, you can use rewriting, and how to quickly do it is described in the article Earn money on rewriting. There is another option for reproduction of articles, but it is suitable only if you install articles in various forums and article directories.

Article promotion of the site, how to promote the site articles?

Site selection

When you have typed enough articles with perfectly entered keywords, you can start searching for sites. You can post as many articles as you want on forums and article directories, it will be less effective, but it will bring benefits.

When searching for full-fledged sites to add articles, be guided by the following factors:

  • the donor should be on topics related to your resource;
  • it is desirable that the domain was a second level;
  • the higher the level of puzomerok (PR and TIC) the better;
  • the page with your article should not contain unnecessary links;
  • make sure for the donor to be the NLL;
  • it will be better if the donor is in the catalogs (UC and DMOZ);
  • your article should be added to the main sections (some webmasters create separate categories for the sold links);
  • in the index should be all pages of the site.

It will not be superfluous to make sure that your article with links gets into the index, and also it will not be deleted after a while. There’s no reason for believing webmasters; it’s better to use special systems in which the administration controls honesty.

The best service for article promotion is that through it you will find a huge number of donor sites, as well as receive guarantees from the administration.

In conclusion, use quality articles for promotion, because if they reach high positions, then in addition to the weight of puzomerok, you will receive additional traffic. Add various tags, lists, keywords to the texts, separate the text into paragraphs, and so on, all this will help you get maximum efficiency.

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