Are your site pictures relevant? Google filter for images

Professionally engaged in the optimization and maintenance of sites, you must constantly monitor relevant information.

Search engines constantly change something, and given that they are the main source of traffic, each webmaster is required to follow the changes and change something.

Are your site images relevant? If you use images to get additional traffic by deceiving users, then for this your resource may go under the filters.

While these measures are provided only for, but as practice has shown, over time, Yandex introduces many examples of the work of the global search engine.

Are your site pictures relevant? Google filter for images

Google filter for inappropriate pictures

Recently, more and more topics have appeared on webmaster forums that tell about Google’s emails that indicate site hit by filters for inappropriate images.

What was the search for images for? So that users can search for necessary information not only from the main output, but also from images. If the pictures are not relevant to requests, the user can not find the necessary information, and the search engines try to avoid such situations.

Are your site pictures relevant? Google filter for images

Particular attention should be paid to everyone who tried to replace pictures on their resources. Until recently, it worked well for searching by images, when users see some images, and search engines index other images. Now this is considered a gross violation and Google’s algorithms quickly and easily identify such "forks".

Over time, various tricks on optimization and promotion lose their relevance, the most important thing is to find out in time what has become forbidden and the better not to use it.

If you receive a letter about applying filters for problems with pictures, do not be discouraged, it is enough to eliminate the cause of the problems and apply for a second revision of your resource. Unlike Yandex, Google employees act more quickly, and soon your resource will be out of the filters.

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