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A month ago, I wrote about the AnyCent affiliate. com. The popularity of affiliate is growing. Growing questions and the implementation of the store on various CMS platforms.

The developers did not sit still. I can rejoice all the drupalers with good news:

Affiliate stores AnyCent. com became

possible to implement on CMS Drupal

AnyCent affiliate now on Drupal - Profit Hunter
Drupal is powerful enough dvizhek for large-scale projects. Thousands of webmasters use it.

How does it work? A 2-part port has been created:

  • module of import of goods
  • module for payment for goods

Thanks to the module for import of goods, it has become It is possible to load the affiliate products into Drupalovsky dvizhek. The payment module allows you to place orders and make all payments to the store. It would not be superfluous to mention that here you can fully implement the capabilities of Ubercart in structuring and managing the catalog.

Let me remind you that registration in the affiliate program is based on an invite . The guys from AnyCent brought us such good news very timely. Do not hesitate. The spring season begins (has already begun). Summer is just around the corner. Shopping for new clothes, laptops, mobile phones and travel cameras, etc. The season of big earnings begins. Where can I get the modules? It is known where.

AnyCent. com

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