Another example of an effective landing page is Profit Hunter.

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I know that not all blog readers are working with paid traffic, but I still consider it important to tell you about how landing pages look, which bring profit to their owners. (If only because their efficiency does not depend at all on whether the traffic is free or free - you pour it on.)

Actually, I have already shown you some examples of effective landing pages: here is the landing page with a beautiful design, here is a review page.

Today I want to show you an example of a landing page with a video. The text and template are taken from here (I highly recommend visiting this blog to anyone who works or is going to work with paid traffic and CPA-offers).

As an example, the author cites a landing page that is sharpened under offers devoted to paid surveys (paid surveys). The page consists of only 4 elements:

  • noticeable title (in the title, be sure to use the phrase "for FREE”, highlight the title in bold and color (red by default, but test different colors well), and put it in the form of a question);
  • video (the video should be right below the title);
  • text below the video; and
  • the list of sites that you recommend to visit and which, in your opinion, you should not attend.

Here the most important thing is not that you just post a video where you will review and tell about the advantages of the offer for the visitor. The main thing is to show the visitor what he should do, starting with a click on your affiliate link, and ending (in this particular case) with filling out a survey. with the only difference that at the bottom of the page is not a list of offers, but a form of subscription.)

This is how the page itself should look like:

make OVER $ 700 a week for free Here is the view o]

The above video shows you the exact steps that you need to take in order to make good money online. Remember, the robo form. You can pick up robo forms from here (insert link). Fill in your basic information like the video shows. Then you’ll be able to complete the content. If you’re taking questions, surveys ask.

Open window for several minutes. The survey will take. Hit the "submit" button.

make $ 115.00 a couple of hours.

Use these sites:

  • Affiliate Link
  • Affiliate Link
  • Affiliate Link

Do not use these sites:

  • affiliate link
  • affiliate link
  • affiliate link

If you don’t need to know more about it, you can use it. you can email me at - @ yoursite. com

These are simple templates and text that can bring good money (for information on where and how to search for low-cost traffic, read the CPA-marketing course). Again, the main thing here is to show in the video what exactly a visitor should do. If this page were devoted to the deuting, you would need to show how to register on the site, how to find a partner, how to use the internal messaging system, etc.

Meanwhile, on the blog, the first step in business is a competition of articles on earnings with a prize fund of $ 100. Participate and win 😉

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