And again about backlinks - WordPress MU and Flickr - Profit Hunter

Probably, I needed to call the blog not Profit Hunter, but Backlinks Hunter 🙂

Anyway, I publish information from two more sources of free backlinks - WordPress MU (Russian version here) and flickr. You already know one of the ways to get links from Flickr'a - putting down the site URL in the comments to the old popular photos. But this is not all that can be squeezed out of this resource.

The post was based on the posts (here and here) of the blog author Earner's Blog.

WordPress MU

And again about backlinks - WordPress MU and Flickr - Profit Hunter

WordPress MU is a multiplayer version of WordPress. It allows you to create an unlimited number of blogs within one domain in the form of subdomains, for example, blog1. domain com, blog2. domain com, blog3. domain com, etc.

Thousands of users install WordPress MU on their servers, many of which make WordPress MU websites public, giving you the opportunity to create any number of thematic blogs on different IP addresses and place free backlinks in them links to the resources you need with the anchor you need.

WordPress MU sites are perceived quite well by search engines (Google in particular). I already wrote about the site Rticlz. com, which was created specifically for Internet entrepreneurs by one of the participants of the original Autumn Marathon. At one time, I was in doubt about it and even thought that Google sent the site to the sand, but no, my test blogs on Rticlz still hang high enough in the results.

Since Google is well aware of such multi-user sites, the links from them should also go bang. The advantage of this method of obtaining backlinks is obvious: the links come from thematic pages with the right anchor and from different domain names and IP.

To find such sites (in English), enter

inurl: wp-signup in the search box. php "fill out this one step form and you”

At this point, Google produces 1840 results. Some sites can only be accessed from under a proxy (at least, my situation is exactly like this)

Now select the 25 platform sites and register one blog for each of them. To speed up the registration, use a program like Roboform. As a blog name, you can use a key phrase that matches the page where the back pages will go links. Fill blogs with content (rewrite, Archive. org, Google news) and link them to each other. Rain go ahead while Google indexes the pages and start linking back to your partner stores, blogs, themed sites, etc.


And again about backlinks - WordPress MU and Flickr - Profit Hunter

First of all, the fact that Flickr is not very friendly to those who are trying to use the site for personal gain. Therefore, first of all, register several accounts in order to mitigate the consequences of the ban of one or several of them.

There are three ways to get backlinks from Flickr:

1. Fill the site with a photo or a screenshot.

For each photo you can add a short description. In this description you can place links with the desired anchor to the sites you need. You can add a description both during and after uploading a photo to Flickr.

And again about backlinks - WordPress MU and Flickr - Profit Hunter

Do not abuse this method - photos and links should look natural. For this, at least, do not use photos of products from online stores and do not make a link-wash from the description.

2. Create a group.

If your site is about credit cards, create a group for users who post images of various bank cards. You can put a link to your store or website in the About Group section. The more popular your group will be, the more powerful the links from its profile will be (the profile of the group is fueled by the profiles of its members).

3. Comment on other people's photos.

Comments - this is Flickr's bonanza. After you create several groups, use the Invite this Photo to function to comment on photos. Your comment will look something like this:

Such comments are placed on Flickr all the time, so even if you post a link to your site in it, almost no one will notice. As a result, your comment will look like this:

Again, you should not abuse this technique. Stick to the subject of your group and do not spam in the comments to the irrelevant (albeit popular) photo.

To find the most popular, and, therefore, Piarist photo pages, use Digg. To do this, hammer in the search box the following query:

http: // www. digg. com / search? s = submit = Search. section = all. type = url area = promoted. sort = most

Successful link building!

p. with. I apologize for the two-day simple. The son dropped the desk lamp, the circuit closed and the lights in the house went out ... for 1.5 days. Last night just done. These are the cases here 🙂

p. p. Flickr put nofollow on outgoing links. Alas.

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