Analytics social. networks in Google Analytics, social traffic

In the site maintenance process, many users use social networks to receive additional traffic, post links, make announcements, etc.
Track the results of using social. networks, you also need how you check the performance of your site. Analytics social. networks, this is one of the options for testing, the effectiveness of the use of social networks.

To receive reports on social networks, you will need to use advanced segments in Google Analytics. Creating a new segment is quite simple, for sure you have already created separate reports to track changes in certain indicators.

In the process of adding a segment, you only need to specify the sources of social traffic, separately for each project. For example, you can add sources from Twitter or Facebook.

Analytics social. networks in Google Analytics, social traffic

Social Networks and Google Analytics

Thanks to segments for social networks, you can learn a lot of useful information. For example, you can check the geographical position of social traffic or estimate the amount of time spent on the site by those users who switched to the project from social. networks.

Social network segments allow you to determine the effectiveness of your work, by comparing the general indicators and indicators in these reports.

To make a proper comparison, compare the following indicators:

  • failure rate;
  • total traffic indicator (can be estimated from each social network separately);
  • traffic conversion.

Some webmasters, observing the prevailing amount of traffic from social networks, focus on social media, which allows them to get the maximum level of traffic.
No less important is the statistics on certain pages in social networks.

Analytics social. networks in Google Analytics, social traffic

Thanks to the installed segment, Google Analytics will be able to check from which pages the main part of traffic is drawn. For example, if you notice that a page results in much less traffic, you will need to work on its content.

Website analytics is very important when maintaining a resource, use all your capabilities to get the most useful information. Many reports will allow to draw conclusions about further actions and it is quite possible that you will have your own resource development strategy.

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