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Almost everything is connected with money in the modern world. Today it’s difficult to become happy without having a bundle of money in your pocket, even if many people think that it’s not happiness.

A lot of time has passed since their appearance, but they are still being used, and for the history of development Money happened a lot of interesting things.

This article has gathered 6 interesting facts about money. In general, many different issues are connected with them, for example, when electronic money will be replaced by paper ones.

The monetary topic was always interesting, and the history of money began in the 7th century. BC e. Then in Libya, they began to smelt the first coins of an alloy of silver and gold.

Amazing facts about money | Workion. ru

Did you know that even in the 19th century Alaska made banknotes from real animal skin? Such money was used until 1826, and about 10,000 of them were released.

But this is not all the facts about money:

  1. Torn money is also money. This is an interesting fact from Australia, where even torn bills can be used. According to the laws of the Russian Federation, part of the bill with a full number can be exchanged in the bank, and if you glue the two halves of the bill, you can use it.

    In Australia, everything is much simpler, pieces from 20% to 80% are equal to the volume of percent. For example, if an Australian 100 dollar bill is torn in half, you will get two 50 dollar bills.

  2. Card money. In the XVII-XVIII centuries in the territory of modern Canada, playing cards were taken into circulation. This need arose due to lack of coins.

    To give the workers a salary, the administration cut out special forms from ordinary playing cards, pointed them out, and sealed them. In the new world, this money was exchanged for real money, and the method was used more than once.

  3. Half-liter money. And this fact about money appeared relatively recently. When Estonia seceded from the USSR, part of the island of Saaremaa (Torgu region) did not fall under the reform, and the people chose the leader Kirill Tater.

    With the support of the people, he declared Torga a kingdom, and he crowned king. In the new state issued their own coins, their denomination was equivalent to a liter of vodka. Half the currency unit was called 1/2 LTR, and it was called half liter.

  4. Money - labels from wine. After the October Revolution, there was not enough money in circulation in Yakutia, and Alexey Semenov proposed his solution. He had accumulated a lot of wine labels, he called them money, and began to paint and print on them.

    To make it convenient to work with the nominal, he made labels from port wine multiples of 25 rubles, from Cahors 10 rubles, and from Madeira 1 ruble. As soon as the Soviet government came to Yakutia, these notes were withdrawn from use.

  5. Golden state. No one knows the name of Berliner Pfeifer, but he created another interesting fact about money. Suspecting his relatives of greed, he did not want to make a will.

    An interesting thought occurred to him. He offered each relative 300 marks, if they did not go after the coffin during the burial ceremony. This money received almost everything, only one elderly distant relative refused the money and received a testament for it.

  6. A bum of a millionaire. Walking along the street and watching the homeless wanderers, it is difficult to imagine that they can have serious assets. After the death of one Swede, Kurt Degerman, it turned out that he had decent money in his accounts, and in the bank box in his name were 124 gold bars.

    It is hard to believe, but he saved for 30 years, handed over cans and invested in the development of different companies. The inheritance was first received by his brother, but by the decision of the court it was divided among other relatives.

Amazing facts about money | Workion. ru

In general, there are a lot of surprising facts about money. You didn’t know for sure that almost all the inhabitants of our planet live on average $ 2 a day or that our 100 ruble bill is recognized as the sexiest in the world .

We have to think about money all the time, and since their appearance a lot has changed. Personally, I liked the last story about a cunning homeless person.

Are you ready to live modestly, but collect a fortune? Then you will need an article about how to save money. Leave the heirs at least a couple of gold bars, surprise them.

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