Amateurcommunity - earnings, registration, affiliate program

Models in chat rooms are so well paid that girls and boys register at breakneck speed and start to organize online shows.

The option is really good, but it all starts with the choice of a suitable service. The leader in this niche is

, but one should not forget about alternatives either.

Earnings in the video chat system 18+ are offered in several formats at once. Girls and couples (M + F or F + F) can earn as models.

They can also sell their photos and videos, or they can correspond with fans for free. And those who do not want to glow in front of the camera, offer a profitable affiliate program.

Amateurcommunity - earnings, registration, affiliate program

This service was launched in 2007 and for 10 years of its existence it has paid millions to models from all over the world. The site is translated only into English and Spanish, there are few Russian-speaking viewers here, which on the one hand increases the safety of reputation, but on the other hand, requires knowledge of foreign languages.

Competition is not as serious as in or on, it is also good. There is a service Amateurcommunity and another interesting feature. Only on this site, viewers can not go into the broadcast until they pass the registration. Moreover, they cannot enter the room to the model until their balance appears on the money.

There are no free chats here at all, viewers pay money for each minute of communication. Simply put, permanent private, all models dream of it. There is only one limitation, so that a model can open a broadcast, it first needs to add 5 galleries with a photo or video. They also manage to earn, this is described below.

The administration of Amateurcommunity gives the models most of the money spent by the audience. Free schedule, no claims and payments 2 times a week. What else do you want? Yes, you will have to work with a foreign system, but there are translators built into the browsers, they help in everything.

Just like in other similar systems. You must provide information about yourself and confirm the questionnaire by downloading document scans. Such conditions are established to determine the exact age of the model. After clicking Sign Up on the main page of the site, a large form opens, in the first half of it there are the following fields:

Amateurcommunity - earnings, registration, affiliate program

Everything is simple, login, password, e-mail, short description. Skip the bonus code, and in the field below it, select any line - this is the choice of the option "How did you find out about the system". The second half of the form contains more fields with mandatory filling:

Amateurcommunity - earnings, registration, affiliate program

So that you do not mess up in foreign notation, we decided to explain each line (all of a sudden you don’t have a translator in the browser):

  • First / Last Name - first and last name.
  • Address - street, house and apartment number.
  • Additional address - additional address.
  • Zip code / City - zip code.
  • Country - country.
  • State - only for models from the USA.
  • Native language is your native language.
  • Additional languages ​​are additional languages.
  • Date of birth - date of birth.
  • Phone - the phone number.

After completing registration, you must wait for a letter with confirmation in the mail. It comes with a delay and often goes into a spam folder. The final stage for the model is to download a passport scan or driver's license (My account. Document). We'll have to wait a little while the moderators check everything.

With the work in online chat rooms everything is clear, turn on the camera and start the broadcast. On Amateurcommunity there is an additional opportunity to earn income - adding galleries. You can create as many as you want by adding any photos and videos. Again, only registered users will see the selection.

The content of these files does not have to be erotic, it can be ordinary photos and video clips. Only in this case it is unlikely that someone will agree to pay money for them. To start selling files, you need to create a gallery in your account. Different tabs are used for videos and pictures:

Amateurcommunity - earnings, registration, affiliate program

Managing galleries is easy. A green plus sign is needed for uploading files, a checkbox for publishing, a gear for settings. Speaking of the settings, they set the parameter "Charged / free" and set the price. The model itself decides how much its photo / video costs, prices range from 1 to 50 coins (1 coin is 0. 09 euros).

The more galleries loaded, the more attention it attracts. The maximum payment for a single photo sale is 4. 74 EUR, if this is a video, then 47. 4 EUR. Good prices, and sales can be as much as you want. Add files, let people buy them, this is passive income.

Another feature of this project is the possibility of paid communication. In some video chats with models it is generally impossible to get in touch (except in the general chat or in private chat).At Amateurcommunity, users can write letters to models, but each time they are sent, money will be deducted from their balance sheet.

In order for this function to become available, you will need to upload at least 1 gallery (even a photo, even a video). Most fans send emails when the model is online. Therefore, the developers have added a warning system that the girl is now in the system. It makes them start writing. How much money to take for each letter, decide for yourself.

For those who do not want to run their broadcasts, the system offers a separate type of earnings. Sign up, get special links to attract models and viewers.

Service gives up to 60% of the profits from customers and 10% of what the guest model earns. In Russia, not many people know about this site, so it makes sense to try to find future fans or women workers.

Withdrawing money from AmateurCommunity - deserves special attention, so we have highlighted this whole article.

Using any kind of earnings on Amateurcommunity you can become richer. There are not so many models here, the owners of the company do everything so that there are as many viewers as possible. Plus, available profitable affiliate program. Use a high-quality foreign site, with it really make a lot of money.

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