Amarkets company. How to trade at Amarkets?

Starting in Forex is the hardest thing, and besides learning all the subtleties of working with a currency exchange, a beginner has to decide on the choice of DC.

There are a lot of brokers now, the choice is wide, but you need to choose carefully. It is necessary to rely not only on the rating, every company needs to check and compare conditions.

A review of a brokerage company will help you to review this broker in detail and make a competent comparison with peers.

I would just like to say that the company is serious, has collected a lot of awards and is very popular. It is not necessary to worry about the deposits made.

Amarkets company. How to trade at Amarkets?

Trading on Forex with Amarkets

This broker began providing trading services on the Internet in 2007. Traders are offered a large set of high-quality tools.

Metals, stocks, currencies, bonds — all of these assets can be used for transactions. Every day, over 10,000 transactions are conducted through this DC.

You can become one of the employees of Amarkets, visit the vacancies section on their website.

Professional traders and newbies prefer Amarkets broker for several reasons:

  • brokers' accounts are insured for $ 10,000;
  • instant opening of orders;
  • several types of earnings;
  • useful analytics;
  • opportunity to open a demo account;
  • free training;
  • opportunity to become an investor from $ 100;
  • there are binary options;
  • profitable affiliate program.

Separately, I would like to say about a profitable share that will help you increase your starting capital. At Amarkets, a promotion is now launched, on which you can receive up to $ 10,000 to a real account:

Amarkets company. How to trade at Amarkets?

Also, the administration of this project assumes all fees, including payment systems . After replenishment, you need to contact the administration to indicate how much the payment system has charged for the transfer. You will be credited with this money on the main balance.

Trading Conditions

Like any other quality broker, the conditions for traders depend on what account they open. The most popular type of account at Amarkets is Classic, with terms like this:

  • deposit from $ 100;
  • leverage 1: 500;
  • minimum lot 0. 01;
  • spread 2 points;
  • protection against negative balance;
  • automatic trading is available;
  • 86 assets are available;
  • trading conducted with MT4 or mobile apps.

If desired, you can also connect the package of additional services, which includes more accurate analytics, high-quality training materials, technical analysis, trading robots, personal assistant, online webinars and much more.

It costs from $ 100 to $ 20,000 , for professional trading this is a must.

Training at Amarkets

Beginners can gain practical trading skills using a demo account. Before you start to open orders, you still need to get theoretical knowledge.

For this, in the "Training" section there is a basic course in text and video format. Also, you can use the forum of traders and attend webinars.

In the "Trader's Library" section, you will find some of the best books to learn about trading.

Help with Forex forecasts at Amarkets is also provided. There are a lot of analysts here, starting with trading advisors and ending with the economic calendar:

Amarkets company. How to trade at Amarkets?

Forex advisors are offered in the laboratory. If you are not strong in forecasts, they will help you determine how best to use your capital:

Amarkets company. How to trade at Amarkets?

Here you can also use indicators, including the popular "Caiman". The amount of analytical information, tips and additional tools is amazing, not all brokerage companies can boast.

How to trade on Amarkets?

A standard MetaTader 4 platform (and for mobile devices) is offered for opening transactions. Even novices can trade on it. If this is your first time hearing about this, we will now explain how to use MT4:

1. Download and install the program on your computer:

Amarkets company. How to trade at Amarkets?

2. When you start the program, you must enter the data obtained on the DC:

Amarkets company. How to trade at Amarkets?

3. First you need to decide on the asset for which the order will be opened:

Amarkets company. How to trade at Amarkets?

4. When you have chosen a currency pair or another type of asset, double-click on it and the order window appears:

Amarkets company. How to trade at Amarkets?

Here you need to choose which currency pair you will use, how much money you invest in the order and you can also specify stop loss and take profit to automatically close the order.

5. After setting the parameters, click Buy and buy the currency.

Amarkets company. How to trade at Amarkets?

6.Now, when opening an order, a yellow button will be displayed, indicating the changes:

Amarkets company. How to trade at Amarkets?

When you click on the close button, the currency will be sold and if its rate has increased, you will get a profit. The conduct of transactions itself is not complex, the most difficult thing is to make correct forecasts.

PAMM investments in Amarkets

A way to get passive profits, as the professional who opened the investment portfolio will manage your capital. Investing in PAMM accounts is popular and many people make big money on it.

You choose the manager yourself, there are a lot of options:

Amarkets company. How to trade at Amarkets?

If this is your first time hearing about this way of making money, we advise you to find out what a PAMM account in Forex is. At the expense of contributions, competent investors receive a large start-up capital, this affects their profits.

After a series of successful transactions, money is divided between investors and the manager, all remain in the black.

Binary Options Amarkets

This company also has a trading tool such as binary options. It is used by many, since there is increased profitability. By betting on changes in currency rates, you can increase your capital several times in just one day.

It’s not so easy to do, you need to learn how to determine how the market changes in a few hours:

Amarkets company. How to trade at Amarkets?

On which currency pairs to bet your money on and how much , it's up to you. Also, the deadline is chosen, that is, when you think the schedule will be lower or higher than at the moment. In order not to miscalculate and make a profitable bet, use options trading on news.

Amarkets Broker Affiliate Program

To earn without investments, use the affiliate program. For cooperation with the company, you will receive up to 60% of Amarkets' profits on transactions conducted by your referrals.

The scheme is transparent, and if you use good sources of traffic, you can reach a serious profit:

Amarkets company. How to trade at Amarkets?

To work effectively with an affiliate program, you will be provided with the necessary advertising materials. The main advantages of the affiliate program are the following: payments on the day after enrollment, there are no restrictions, detailed statistics and personal support of partners.

Decide for yourself which way of earning money suits you, and register on the broker’s site right now.

Stay tuned for quotes and news, use advisors, invite new customers and make successful transactions in Forex. With Amarkets DC, all this is much easier and more profitable than with other brokers.

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