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Brainstorming takes a lot of time? Analysis of competitors' queries causes difficulties? Then the SpyWords service will become your indispensable assistant, both in the seo optimization kitchen, and in the expanses of contextual advertising.

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The whole breadth of the service functionality can be felt only by purchasing Unlim, so today I will briefly tell you about some usefulness.

At once I want to note that there are no difficulties in working with the interface even during the first session of work. Convenient location of blogs and the usual form of tools allows you to work at an intuitive level.


First of all I want to pay attention to the Competitor Analysis tool

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you need to add to The search query and service string will provide:

  • Information about the number of impressions, advertisers and cf. cost per click
  • website addresses and Yandex ads. Direct for this request
  • General information for each site of issue

This information is used to assess the utility, competitiveness and cost of your request.

There is also a lot of data that will help make setting up your contextual advertising more effective.
Next, we consider the tool, which for me as a "magic wand" in compiling sematics - "Smart selection of queries"

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Enter the interesting keywords and in the address bar you are provided with a full list of the most “sweet” queries, as well:

  • number of hits for both Yandex and Google
  • the average cost of a click on each of the queries also by two search engines systems
  • the presence of advertisers for each request

We select the right words, evaluating the competitiveness and impressions. With this service, you should no longer have problems with the semantic core.

Also in the service there is such awesome functionality as "domain war" and "domain battle"

Consider first the "Battle of domains"

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In this functionality, you can compare up to 3 sites simultaneously. In the address bar we also indicate the domain of the site and click "compare". The comparison table and the cut-off chart for keywords are displayed on the screen. This information is indispensable when analyzing competitor sematiki.

In the Domain War, there is also a comparison of common indicators and used keywords, but up to 20 domains simultaneously, in contrast to the 3 in the Battle of the Domain

Export and implementation

The service has the ability to export a list of keywords in a format. csv that facilitates work and gives the opportunity to work with sematics in any service.

Of no less importance is the implementation of the API in internal and external applications. Great for those who want to automate and improve the processes of analyzing competitors and selecting keywords.


Now there are two tariffs in service. The first is called "Pro". It is suitable for working with a small number of keywords and makes it possible to compare sites in the “Battle of Domains”.

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Cost of 2 000 r. monthly.

What rocks the second Unlim fare. According to the tariff gives unlimited limits of work in the service and comparison of sites in the "Domain War". The cost of this tariff is 5 000 p. monthly.


There are still a lot of usefulness of the service, as the functionality is quite wide and you understand that the service pays for itself very quickly.

It is interesting that the scope and quality of data processing SpyWords is progressing, which makes the service all the more necessary. Buy and improve!

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