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All SEO and Moneymaker blogs in one place - Profit Hunter Surely you have repeatedly encountered the problem of choosing: which blogs to read, which ones not to read, which ones to view once every one or two weeks (suddenly the author burned an interesting topic) . Surely, you have cleaned your RSS readers many times in order to then again fill them up to failure with new (and revived old) blogs and then clean them again.

I say “for sure” because it went through myself. Once I had more than 150 tapes, now I have reduced them to 80. But it’s still a bit much, especially if you are only interested in “meat”, rather than blah blah authors about life and other things that are far from SEO and moneymaking.

That's why I drew attention to the brainchild of Dmitry SMART, News news blog. WebMoon. ru. Dmitry selects in the RSS feed of the blog (which you can subscribe to directly from this link) exclusively useful and informationally saturated posts. Here are some of the latest entries:

  • Site indexing - 16 more ways to speed it up.
  • About links: design.
  • Strategies and nuances of working with article exchanges.
  • Satellite Manual.
  • 7 required WordPress plugins.
  • Delicious base of catalogs
  • and so on ...

Even if you take content from my blog, you will never see Dmitry’s posts a la “Profit Hunter went offline” in the news feed, but “how to conquer Google tops using video clips” here as here. 🙂

And yet you know what happens: a young and promising blog appears, its author begins to actively flare up topics, and you are neither dream nor spirit about him (this also applies to those elderly blogs that you once deleted from the reader, and their authors took and began to lay out the noteworthy materials). And all because to cover all the blogs in our topic is difficult - no time is enough for this.

But now you don’t need to keep abreast of the Runet blogosphere. Dmitry will do it for you, as he already does for more than five hundred subscribers. I’ll also look at another two or three weeks and, probably, “ease” my reader with another 10-15 tapes, replacing them with one - http: // feeds. 🙂

If you value your time, I advise you to do the same.

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of the news blog news., using the following buttons:

All SEO and Moneymaker blogs in one place - Profit HunterAll SEO and Moneymaker blogs in one place - Profit Hunter

I am sure you will not regret it 😉

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