All About Conversion - Part 2 - Debriefing - Profit Hunter

You already know the basics of conversion, now it's time to move on to practice.

Matthew Glenfield dedicated this video to analyzing the structure and design of several sites that are different in subject matter. Under the distribution and got thematic resources, and mini-sites, and pages, sharpened under the affiliate program.

IncomeOnlineHere. com

Judging by the name of the site (Work at Home Directory), we can say that it is dedicated to ways of earning at home, but the purpose of the site is not completely clear: due to the abundance of banner ads, reviews and partner products, the visitor is very it's hard to decide what he needs to do on the site. Now on points:

All About Conversion - Part 2 - Debriefing - Profit Hunter

  1. Line Welcome (or Welcome). A waste of pixels. At this point should be the title. The sooner the visitor understands what your site is the better.
  2. Pile-ups of banners, reviews, special offers, etc. “lure”. All this colorful garbage confuses the visitor.

Solution: Since the site owner obviously wants to earn money from advertising and affiliate sales, it is better for him to write a small free (but high-quality!) Report on how to make money at home and start creating a subscription list. on the right instead of “TOP10”, so that the visitor can immediately see what he can get, and what he You need to do this.

Forex-Trading-Made-EZ. com

This site is clearly better than the previous one (by the way, the site owner followed Matthew’s advice and made all the necessary changes to the design). A clear header, a colorful image, enough padding, but ...

All About Conversion - Part 2 - Debriefing - Profit Hunter

1. After conducting numerous split tests, Matthew came to the conclusion that the lack of an image in the header of the selling mini-website increases the conversion .

2. The line is highlighted in blue. The overwhelming majority of users associate blue with a hyperlink, but here it is just text.

All About Conversion - Part 2 - Debriefing - Profit Hunter

3. The location of the subscription form. If the task of the site is to collect subscribers, the subscription form should be at the top of the page.

All About Conversion - Part 2 - Debriefing - Profit Hunter

4. Order button. The button itself is all right, but it will certainly confuse the visitor, because at the beginning it was said about the “free report”, and here, on you, you need to buy something.


  • remove the image in the header;
  • click the free report line or
  • split the mini-site into two pages: on the first place the subscription form, on the second - the selling text.

InternetMarketingDreams. com

The site author managed to make the necessary changes to the site, but we can still see how the site looked a couple of weeks ago.

All About Conversion - Part 2 - Debriefing - Profit Hunter

1. Again, the image A cap is showing.

All About Conversion - Part 2 - Debriefing - Profit Hunter

2. The video is tight and boring.

A couple of tips from Matthew regarding the video on the mini-site:

  • If the video is at the bottom of the page, the autoplay should be turned off. Your visitor is unlikely to be happy if someone else’s voice starts to sound out of his speakers, and he will not know how and where to turn it off. very annoying.
  • The video should not last more than 60 seconds, except when the video explains some specific features of the program or course being sold. But in this case, you must specify the duration of the video.

The solution of these problems is obvious: you need to remove both the header and the movie.

It’s impossible not to note the positive moments on the site:

All About Conversion - Part 2 - Debriefing - Profit Hunter

Competent title, contrasting subtitle, link to a demo video, a proposal for trial registration for only $ 1 - all this within the line of sight of the visitor.

TheBestHomeOffer. com

All About Conversion - Part 2 - Debriefing - Profit Hunter

  1. The Welcome message is meaningless because it says nothing about the site. In this place should be an informative title.
  2. The request form is too long.


  • replace the greeting with the heading;
  • reduce the form to two fields: name and email addresses. When a visitor fills in these fields and clicks the “Next” button, the probability that he fills the entire questionnaire will increase significantly.

FatDestroyerPlan. Com

All About Conversion - Part 2 - Debriefing - Profit Hunter

  1. Wide fields, because of which
  2. With a high screen resolution, the text crawls out so that it becomes simply impossible to read.
  3. A huge empty space.
  4. Long, monotonous title.
  5. Print Version Button. She, of course, does not bother anyone, only who will print the selling text and how can this increase sales at all? Moreover, it is highlighted in yellow and is the only link in the visible part of the screen, i.e. the visitor will definitely pay attention to it.What's the point?


  • fix the fields (800-1000 pixels);
  • make the background contrast;
  • fill in the empty space with the image;
  • split the heading into two parts and highlight it in color;
  • remove the “Print Version” button (and the yellow bar with it ).

Online2ndIncome. Com

(The site is not for the faint of heart 🙂)

All About Conversion - Part 2 - Debriefing - Profit Hunter

  1. Great idea with an animated emoticon , attracting the attention of visitors, does not find a logical continuation.
  2. The name of the site is in principle very few people interested. And here it is also highlighted in huge letters and with Toit at the very center of the page.
  3. Banners take up a lot of space and their locations are chosen very poorly.


  • remove the photo and put a subscription form in its place (as an option);
  • replace the site name with an informative header;
  • get rid of the banners (or at least move them down).

BuyScripts. In

(After the video appeared, Matthew made the necessary changes to the design. )

All About Conversion - Part 2 - Debriefing - Profit Hunter

  1. Notorious Welcome.
  2. Random categories in the navigation menu.
  3. Too big image.


  • replace the greeting with the title;
  • split the menu into two thematic blocks or shorten the number of items in the menu that is;
  • replace one large image with several smaller ones.

After that, Matthew analyzes 3 more sites: two of them are sample, and Matthew recommends getting rid of them altogether, the third repeats the errors that have already been mentioned above. If you're interested, you can always watch the video.

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