All about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit Hunter

All about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit Hunter

Matthew Glenfield from the BBO Institute website launched a video series on the topic of conversion and how to increase it . His video has much in common with the video of Andy Jenkins, but since there will be several clips, Matthew will cover this topic in more detail. In any case, the topic in the context of making money on the Internet is important and the better you (like me, by the way) know it, the more often there will be green notes in your wallet 🙂

First and main webmaster error

Although this principle is the basis of Web-design and everything that the conversion is based on, it is violated by many website builders. According to Matthew, the main problem of 90% of sites is lack of focus .

All about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit Hunter

A visitor visits the site ... and does not know what to do next. His eyes run; he does not know what to choose; he does not understand what this site is about and what is the purpose of its owner - everything, the visitor is confused . Now he will rather leave the site than do something you expect from him: buy goods, subscribe to a newsletter, click on an advertising link, etc.

Take a look at this site:

All about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit Hunter

Can you tell what it is about? The title seems to indicate that the site should be associated with the purchase / sale of goods online. But then the look moves to monkey figures and a decorative candle, and the thought creeps in to the head that the site is dedicated to interior design. However, after that you look at the menu column on the left, and there is a complete mess in general: both jewelry, and kitchen utensils, and electronics, and swords with knives.

This site does not have a general idea that would combine its elements and direct the actions of visitors in the right direction of the site owner.

Here is another example of how important the focus is:

All about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit Hunter

Yahoo! for a long time remained the leader among the search engines, but then from the search engine the resource turned into a portal. Now on the main page of Yahoo! there is everything: movie trailers, music, and news ...

And Google remained what it was from the very beginning - search engine . And it allowed him to take the lead in this area. (Here we should note the wise deed of Microsoft - the division of the search engine (Live. Com) and the portal (MSN. Com).)

But back to our sheep.

Decide on the purpose of

What do you want to achieve with the website?

  • Attract subscribers?
  • Increase sales?
  • Earn on contextual advertising?
  • Promote affiliate products or services?
  • Get a comment on the blog?
  • Find business partners?

Which would Neither was your goal; website design should be as close as possible to it. The site should guide the visitor to your goal.

Typical visitor behavior on the site

Here Matthew introduces the concept of "single path system" , which can be translated as the principle of the straight track . Here's how This track looks like:

All about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit Hunter

Now separately by points:

All about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit Hunter

First, a visitor gets to your landing page. This could be The page with the subscription form, the main page, the article, the page for business partners is not important. This is the first page that the visitor sees, and the further attitude to the site in general .

If the visitor is on what he was looking for, he has an interest and goes to the second page:

All about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit Hunter

This can be a thank-you page for a subscription, a separate section of the site, a video clip or a continuation of the article Going to the internal page of the site says that you managed to capture the visitor’s attention and direct it to your goal.

If the visitor finds what he is looking for, he goes to the 3rd stage:

All about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit Hunter

At this stage, he studies information about the product he has been looking for, or is registered on the site as a partner, or does something else - otherwise words he moves straight to your goal.

All about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit Hunter

The 4th page is the logical end of the 3rd: here the visitor goes to the selling site, adds the product to the cart or enters the partner’s admin area and starts using tools to promote your product (if before that he registered as a partner).

And here his journey through the site comes to an end:

All about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit Hunter

A visitor clicks on an advertisement, buys a product or places an affiliate link to your product on their website, i.e. performs an action to which you so skillfully let him down.

Care for visitors

Your care for visitors is expressed in the design of the site. What can be said about the owners of such sites:

All about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit HunterAll about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit Hunter

Probably, only that they like solid white text on a red or purple background and that they don’t think at all about those who will read it.

If you do not give a damn about your visitors, the page of your site should look something like this:

All about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit Hunter

There is everything here that makes it easier for the visitor to learn and assimilate information: sufficient indents between paragraphs and lines, bulleted lists, color and bold subtitles, a contrast heading and a separate block containing information about the product. This design contributes to the conversion.

So that you do not think that this method only works with selling mini-sites, here is another example (you probably already know it).

All about conversion - Part 1 - Basics - Profit Hunter

According to Andy Jenkins, the owner of the site, the conversion rate of the site exceeds 3%.

Despite the external difference, the design of the two sites is based on the same principles.

Your homework

  1. Determine your goal (what a visitor should do on your site).
  2. Clear the site - remove unnecessary elements and unnecessary information.
  3. Make the site readable - use indents, lists, color subtitles and, if possible, write in black text on a white background.
  4. Rid the reader of “extraneous noise.” Remove unnecessary links and banners, unless, of course, they are part of your goal.
  5. Take a visitor to your goal. Make sure that he has There was no other choice but to follow the route you specified.

More advanced techniques and techniques for increasing conversion will be covered in the following videos. Stay connected. (For this, it’s best to subscribe to RSS)

p. Dear readers, I would very much like to know what specific information on SEO, SMO, marketing and so on. The delights of Internet business interests you. Maybe you would like to see a translation of a specific article? Send your wishes to bg_trans (at) mail. ru, I will try to take them into account when selecting materials for future translations.

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