Alexamaster - earnings for newbies

Many different systems have appeared, offering beginners easy ways to make money.

It is more profitable to use foreign systems, since the dollar is now high. We often present overseas projects to readers, this article will replenish the base, and you can easily earn dollars.

Earnings on surfing, videos and likes with suitable for beginners. In this system, there are several ways to earn money.

In addition to viewing sites, likes on Facebook and watching videos from YouTube, there are other options. Now we will tell you how much they pay, what to do and how to withdraw money from there.

Alexamaster - earnings for newbies

Alexamaster - earnings for beginners

First of all, this system will need to be registered. It consists of two stages. First you will need to enter your first and last name, think up a password and enter the email address:

Alexamaster - earnings for newbies

In the second step, you select the activity, the purpose of using the project, gender and enter the date of birth:

Alexamaster - earnings for newbies

As you can see, under the form there is a button that indicates that you get 200 bonus points. This is a small amount, since the rate here is $ 1 = 30,000 Points. How much time you need to collect at least a dollar is difficult to say, since everyone has their own pace.

Ways to earn money on Alexamaster

When you finish registering and get into your profile, you will see that you already have money in your balance - this is a bonus. There is also a button to go to earning Points:

Alexamaster - earnings for newbies

As already mentioned, this site offers several ways to earn money. It is better to use everything at once, extracting maximum points:

Alexamaster - earnings for newbies

Unfortunately, there is no Russian language here, so we decided to tell you more about each of these ways of earning:

  1. Watch Videos - the usual viewing videos on YouTube.
  2. Resell Traffic - attract advertisers and get a percentage of their orders.
  3. Vote Websites - evaluation of the visited pages of sites.
  4. Auto Surf - automatic surfing sites.
  5. Facebook Likes - points for likes on Facebook.
  6. Small Jobs - different tasks for freelancers (record video, write advertising post, etc.).

The last method involves additional advertising site. Pay there decently, for example, for the creation of a promotional video, you can get 90,000 points, and this is $ 3, which is the minimum amount for the withdrawal.

Speaking of payments, in order to receive them, you need to fulfill certain requirements:

  • to accumulate at least 30 000 Points;
  • to collect 1,000 good votes (given for performing various tasks );
  • there should be more good votes than bad;
  • you need to work on the site for at least 7 days.

Transfer money only to your PayPal account. Over the past year, there have been a lot of payouts, here’s one of them:

Alexamaster - earnings for newbies

The money really comes , so Alexamaster has only positive feedback. Try to earn at least a small amount, it is not so difficult.

How to make a lot of money on Alexamaster?

There are several tricks that can help you get more money from this system. The first is referral referrals. Invite new members and get 25% of their income.

Advertisers are more profitable to attract, but also harder. In addition, there are a couple of other tricks:

  1. The Alexa Bar installation is a well-known browser extension (What is Alexa Rank) that can be downloaded directly from your personal account. Users browsing surfing sites with an installed toolbar get 1 Points more.
  2. Alexamaster - earnings for newbies
  3. Parallel View - when surfing sites, you will be given a link to the site, and you can add it to several browsers at once or using a proxy (GatherProxy Scraper program for working with a proxy) , open a few pages. This is allowed in the rules and is very profitable.
  4. Alexamaster - earnings for newbies

Use all the tricks and be sure to browse the sites in multiple windows at once. This greatly increases the yield.

Do not forget about the system of

, in which you pay for likes, reposts, group joining, adding friends in the most popular social networks.

Experienced users say that for a day of work with Alexamaster, they collected up to $ 1.50 on an machine gun on autosurfing. Even with the help of mining it is not always possible to achieve such a result, although you will have to run many windows, which prevents you from using a computer.

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