Air Bit Club (Bitbackoffice) registration, rates, affiliate

Having collected even a small amount in electronic money, many users wonder where to put them. There are a lot of options on the Internet right now, but not all of them are equally interesting.

There is one interesting system that combines at once two ways of earning with very favorable conditions.

Profitable investments in Bitcoins with - this is an opportunity to get a profit passively and earn decently by attracting referrals. More than a year, this system is gaining momentum, and to start using it, investments will be required.

Registration without a referrer is impossible, at the very end of the article we will tell about it in more detail.

Air Bit Club (Bitbackoffice) registration, rates, affiliate

What is AirBit Club (Bitbackoffice)?

This is an unusual investment project made in MLM format club Bitcoin fans. Many people believe that Air Bit Club is a pyramid, in part they are right. Because the interest on deposits here is not the highest, and for huge earnings it is better to immediately start attracting new investors.

The originality of the project is that, on the one hand, it is an ordinary MLM pyramid with a very profitable affiliate program .

The unusual thing is that the registration is closed, by invitation only, or through the referrer's personal account. In addition, there is the possibility of passive earnings with daily accruals.

All calculations are carried out in Bitcoin currency. The combined service has already achieved enormous popularity. It is posted on the forum, where the reviews are presented, showing payments from Bitbackoffice.

Many users have already invested their money in the activities of the company, multiplied it and withdrew it without any problems.

Where does the AirBit Club money come from?

One of the ways to replenish reserves is to attract new members. Everyone knows how financial pyramids work. New users must buy one of the tariffs, the money is distributed among the referrers.

As for passive charges on invested funds, they are used for trading cryptocurrencies. Special algorithms conduct transactions on the 10 most famous crypto coins.

A project was created by a team of experienced investors, they developed a unique bot capable of increasing money.

Air Bit Club (Bitbackoffice) registration, rates, affiliate

It is interesting that the profit rates are floating. They can be from 0. 2% to 1. 2%, it all depends on the amount of income from transactions. Based on the practice, it comes out to about 0. 4% -0. 6% per day, which is quite good. The trade takes 50% of the deposit, the second half is distributed among the project participants.

A well-thought-out money distribution scheme helps this service work in the long term. Everyone uses it for their own purposes, for someone it is a profitable affiliate program, for someone a reliable investment site.

Tariff plans for AirBit Club

First, consider the available tariffs with which each participant can earn money passively. Contributions from $ 250 to $ 1000, the more you give, the more you get (and longer).

Here is a brief information on tariffs:

  1. Executive - the cost is $ 250, the validity period is 150 days, on weekdays it is charged 0. 2% -1. 2%.
  2. Corporate - cost $ 500, valid for 200 days, on weekdays 0. 2% -1 is charged. 2%.
  3. Pro - cost $ 1000, valid for 300 days, 0. 2% -1 is charged on weekdays. 2%.

Note that you will need to pay for tariffs at BTC equivalent amounts. What else you need to know is about the stages of financing. The fact is that every 75 days a new stage passes and it is required to give 35% of the income from passive enrollment. Otherwise, profits stop dripping.

You can deposit the amount in advance, the renewal will occur automatically or after the expiration of the stage you can manually extend the rate.

Air Bit Club (Bitbackoffice) registration, rates, affiliate

Do not be afraid that you forget to make a payment, there is a timer in your account. In the first tariff for $ 250 1 stage, in the second 2, in the third 3. Therefore, it is important not only to receive passive deductions, but also to apply the referral system.

AirBit Club Affiliate Program

The referral system is also non-standard. There are 3 types of cooperation with the company. The conditions are really beneficial and interesting, which is why most customers view Bitbackoffice as an MLM project, and not as an investment site.

The terms of the affiliate program are as follows:

  1. Bonus for the tariff - 20% of the paid tariffs are paid by referrals. Accordingly, for the first three tariffs goes 50 $ -100 $ -200 $ .
  2. Bonus for referrals below level 1 - you will be surprised, but here you pay $ 10 from each referral up to level 18. It is unlikely that you have met such a developed network. But the number of lines depends on your tariff. The maximum is available on Pro, on Executive 5 lines, and on Corporate 9 lines.
  3. The binary bonus is 10%. It is available at $ 200 on the right and left of you in the structure.You can withdraw the amount with restrictions, they depend on the purchased package (Executive $ 500 per day, Corporate $ 1000 per day, Pro $ 10,000 per day).

A partner at Bitbackoffice is really beneficial to be, a bunch of different rewards for attracting new members. But attracting people is not easy, because packages are not cheap, the site itself seems to be lagging behind modern technologies and not everything is clear on it, the translation is not of high quality.

However, the audience is growing, which means that the site is really interesting for everyone.

Instruction for beginners - register AirBit Club (Bitbackoffice)

To use the system, you will definitely need a BTC wallet. There are many services where you can open it, I recommend XAPO Bitcoin wallet. You can immediately replenish it with available methods.

It may be useful for you to monitor exchangers, it’s easy to find a point for exchanging any electronic money for Bitcoin:

Air Bit Club (Bitbackoffice) registration, rates, affiliate

The fact is that you will need to immediately pay for the selected package at registration. Go to, scroll down the page and there you will see the available rates, as described above. You need to click the Select button under one of them, and then click the yellow Next button:

Air Bit Club (Bitbackoffice) registration, rates, affiliate

Using the translator in the browser, you can read the information on the packages from the official site. In the second step, personal information is requested. You will need to fill each field, otherwise you can not go to the next step. Do not forget to tick off the rules and agree with the rules:

Air Bit Club (Bitbackoffice) registration, rates, affiliate

Now you have 15 minutes to complete the transfer to a special BTC wallet. Depending on the package chosen, you will automatically be recalculated dollars to Bitcoins at the current rate:

Air Bit Club (Bitbackoffice) registration, rates, affiliate

You can only receive money from the site on a BTC wallet, so it’s pointless to recharge through exchangers. It's easier to start a wallet right away and deposit funds with it. If you select XAPO for this, then to transfer money, you first need to press the SEND button in your account:

Air Bit Club (Bitbackoffice) registration, rates, affiliate

A form opens in which you can enter the Email or BTC address of the recipient. Choose the second option, insert the number of the wallet that Bitbackoffice provided us and send the money:

Air Bit Club (Bitbackoffice) registration, rates, affiliate

That's all, the transaction may be somewhat delayed, this should be taken into account. Now you need to wait not only when the status of PAID (paid) appears, but also when the referrer adds you to your tree. In the future, and you will need to do it. Everything is simple, in the Trees section, you must select the Binary Tree:

Air Bit Club (Bitbackoffice) registration, rates, affiliate

Next, the binary tree opens. To add a user to it, you need to select it from the list of new referrals (tick), and also indicate in which cell it appears. Press the POSITION USER button and everything is ready:

Air Bit Club (Bitbackoffice) registration, rates, affiliate

These are the basic steps that need to be performed to work in the system. If you have any problems, you can go to the page and contact me in the way that is convenient for you.

Bitbackoffice reviews are honest and real

It’s easy to find reviews on the Air Bit Club online. The project has become so popular that everyone is talking about it now and thousands of users have already managed to register. The forums are constantly posted rave reviews, which are confirmed by the screens of payments.

Everything says that the site is fair and pays:

Air Bit Club (Bitbackoffice) registration, rates, affiliate

There are no negative reviews, but there are some opinions like "Yes Bitbackoffice is a scam and divorce," but such statements are not reasoned. Yes, it is quite difficult to understand marketing, registration is not open, the beginner will not understand the interface at once, but the most important thing is that the money is paid.

The main emphasis should be placed on the MLM project side, therefore I recommend using all the methods for recruiting referrals. Since recently, regular affiliate links have become available here.

Until you make a profit with Air Bit Club, it’s hard to believe in this project. It is foreign and there is no detailed information on the official website for the Russian-speaking audience.

Look for other articles and reviews, anyway, make sure everyone is happy with the choice of the Bitbackoffice project. Let the interest passive charges are not the highest, but the payments, at least every day.

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