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Aim fire on key phrases - Profit Hunter While I can’t record the next video for the Spring Marathon, I’m twitching here and there. I hope that today or tomorrow I will still be able to carve out a couple of hours. In the meantime, so that you do not get bored, I want to present you a ready-made plan for conquering narrow key words and making money on contextual advertising (you can choose any other method of traffic monetization).

The author of the article, known to you in 10 ways to increase the attendance of the blog, Courtney Tuttle. The original theme is called Keyword Sniping.


Perhaps you still do not know how to get first places in the issue of competitive inquiries, or are not sure that you will be able to achieve this. You may have read about how to do this, and now you know it, but it did not go further. Anyway, you can bypass the big players. At least, Courtney is doing quite well.

This method requires intensive work with one key phrase. Here you have to choose a phrase and sharpen the whole site (or even a group of sites) for it.

Today, Courtney's most profitable phrase brings him $ 3,500 on the machine. And this is just one key phrase . (All revenue comes from Yahoo contextual advertising.)

Choosing the right target

Using this method, you can move to the top for many highly competitive phrases, but to start, Courtney recommends stopping for low and medium-competitive queries. Courtney receives the aforementioned $ 3,500 from the phrase motorola cell phones . Of course, he could get an order of magnitude more if he went to the top for the phrase cell phones , but for that, he would have had to sweat a lot more.

Surely you have noticed that in the issue of many phrases there are not the main, but the internal pages of the sites. This gives you a big advantage. Other things being equal a site honed specifically for a key phrase will always be higher than the internal page of any other (albeit authoritative) site.

For searching for keywords, Courtney advises using Wordze, but first get a free version of Wordtracker (don't forget about the Gtrends Made Easy tool, which I mentioned earlier - a note). The key phrase must meet three criteria:

  1. The daily number of requests must be at least 200 (the more, the better).
  2. The number of competitor pages for exact query (in quotes) must be no more than 1,000,000 pages.
  3. The phrase should be of interest to advertisers (check for advertisers in the Google search results).

These figures are very conditional. This is just a recommendation of where you should start. As you gain experience, you will be able to take on more juicy phrases. (You can also use the Ed Dale criteria, so you limit competition even more - note.)

When choosing the key phrases “under fire”, do not pay attention to the words that are most typical of advanced Internet users. profitable were phrases a la motorola cell phone , you can always find keywords with the same indicators of popularity, but with much less competition. To speed up the search for the right phrase, Courtney advises putting yourself in the place of a teenage girl or 70 year old grandma and think th o they are looking for on the Internet.
Such a move beyond the Internet community will not only reduce competition, but also increase conversion. In niches far from Internet marketing and other designs and hosting sites it’s possible to get a 10-20 CTR %.

According to Courtney, it is best to work in the following areas:

  • services (cargo delivery, maintenance and repair of equipment, repairs, legal services, fight with pests);
  • “non-information” niches (hairstyles, clothes, treatment of diseases);
  • electronic products (here you have to work a lot to find a good niche, but worth it);
  • financial services (loans, services of certain companies, geo-targeting, etc.).

The above criteria, for example, correspond to radiant floor heating . 205 requests per day and 218,000 competitors. In search of this phrase, Courtney took no more than five minutes. If you make yourself a small brainstorming session, you will have plenty of good keys for more than one month.

How to hit a target

Choosing a position for shooting

You already have the key phrase, now you need to advance on it in the issue. To climb as high as possible, sharpen the site / blog entirely for this phrase. Courtney advises to buy your own domain and hosting, rather than using free platforms, so that in the future you can sell the site if you wish.

When you buy a domain, try to stick a key phrase into it. If you manage to find a good second-hand domain, even better - with its help, you will be able to quickly rise in the issue.Courtney recommends using the TDMAN site to look for expired domains. com (there are several bookmarks by category).

Buying an expired domain is good because the domain has been in existence for at least a year and this reduces the chances of the site getting into the Google sandbox. However, Courtney was able to avoid the sandbox with new domains, so this is not critical.

When you have a domain, put WordPress on it (a blog is much easier to promote than a static site). How to optimize a blog, you will learn a little later.

Shooting content queues

Now you need to write at least 10 clever articles, sharpened for the selected key phrase and upload them to the blog. It should be noted that your site will look like a blog, but it will not be a blog - you will not post news there every few days or weeks. You will not update it at all. To prevent visitors from knowing when you wrote posts, delete dates from your blog (you’ll have to dig into the code).

Each of the 10 pages should contain a link to the domain with an anchor in the form of your main key phrase. Each of the posts should not be shorter than 300 words. Writing articles is the hardest part of the process. Courtney writes articles like this: he sees that Google gives out a key phrase and sculpts his posts based on the results, that is, he does not rewrite them, but uses them as ideas for new content.

Do not forget to put a link with the correct domain anchor from each page of the blog. This will give you these advantages:

  1. You will get 10 internal links with the right anchor.
  2. You will not know how many external links (and again with the anchor you need). If the spammer decides to tear off your articles, you will receive additional links to the site.

Creating a recognizable name with the key phrase

This is one of the most important stages of promotion. For example, the Courtney website is called Court's Internet Marketing School . This name has already settled in the minds, and when someone refers to Courtney's website, he most often uses an anchor in which there is the phrase Internet marketing .

Site structure

Here, Courtney gives simple, but mandatory instructions:

  1. Put the WordPress theme optimized for search engines (for example, from here).
  2. Use the key phrase in the following structural elements of the site:
  • the title of each individual page (tag. Title.). Plugin All-in-One SEO Pack (or WP-Seo) will simplify the task. As an example, look at the posts from Courtney's blog - each heading ends with Internet Marketing | Strategy. Services .
  • inside the tag. H1. on every page of the blog . Tag H1. Courtney appears in the upper right corner of the site on all pages. For the main page tag. H1. is Internet Marketing , for internal - Internet Marketing | Post Title Or Page Title Appears Here . All this is done with a single line of dynamic code in the header of the site. You will find the code here. All you need to do is replace the words Your Keyword Here with your key phrase.
  • link in the basement of the blog . The link should include a key phrase and lead to the main page.
  • link from internal pages to the main . You already know about it. Each post should have a link to the main page with a key phrase as an anchor.
  • in the text . The key phrase should appear on the main page 6-7 times. Considering that the main page should have at least 1000 words (4 posts), it will not be difficult to do this. And you do not incur the suspicion of Google.

This method allows Courtney to bypass large players in narrow niches without much difficulty. Thanks to him, Courtney went to the top for the phrase Internet marketing (No. 5 with more than 40 million competitors), so that in less competitive niches it will definitely work.

Increasing the reference weight

To advance the issue, you, of course, need backlinks. Here are what Courtney uses link building techniques:

  • Using link anchors based on the main key phrase. For example: internet marketing, Court’s Internet Marketing School, internet marketing strategy, internet marketing services, internet marketing tips , etc. This will allow you to get good links and not attract the attention of Google.
  • Getting links from relevant pages . For this, Courtney uses article marketing. He writes an article on Internet Marketing Could Change Your Life and submit it to hundreds of article directories. In the "About the author" section, he links back to his blog with the anchor he needs. Courtney uses the Article Marketer service to submit articles.
  • Getting links from other websites and blogs.It’s not as effective as the previous two, but it still works. Here is a list of blogs to which you should pay attention (they all do not use nofollow in the comments). As a rule, blog owners do not like commentators who put a key phrase instead of a name, but most often they are normal to those who put the name of the site there (and the name of the site is ... understood a hint?) If any of the bloggers do not like it , apologize and move on.
  • Additional link building methods can be found here (link to the original post).

As you sharpen an entire site for a keyword phrase, you won't need much time and links to get to the top.

Time frame

Nothing can be said for sure here. If you manage to get a good expired domain, you will be able to get to the top within 1-2 months. The new domain will take more time from you.

The following principle works here: the less competition, the faster you will get to the top. That is why Courtney advises starting with long key phrases. When you put your hand, you can take on something more complicated.

You can find the continuation of the article here:

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