Agro Сity - Build Your Profitable City

It is difficult to even imagine how many money-generating games have been created right now, because they appear every day.

Unfortunately, not every game can be called quality, if only because their design is unfinished , as well as the functional, but sometimes there are very interesting games.

- build your profitable city in this game and you will be able to consistently make a profit.

After the first transition to this game, you will immediately notice that this is a quality project with a unique design. The developers have worked hard on it, and the functionality is quite wide, so it’s not boring to make money on it.

Agro Сity - Build Your Profitable City

The game with the withdrawal of money Argo-city

The task of the users in this game is the development of their own city. You yourself will decide what to build and what to spend money on. Depending on the selected buildings, the yield may be different:

Agro Сity - Build Your Profitable City

Unlike most similar games, there are lots of options to spend your starting capital. In addition to the above options, you can buy citizens:

Agro Сity - Build Your Profitable City

There is also urban transport and the exchange, where individual buildings are available, also with different returns.

Starting to play Agro City without investments will fail, so after registration you can immediately make a deposit.

You can make money into the game through Payeer. For each ruble you get 100 gold, i.e., a supermarket costs only 2 rubles, and a taxi driver is hired for a ruble. At the same time, when you first replenish the balance, you will also be given a 50% bonus, it is better to deposit at least 100 rubles in order to immediately develop your city.

Player actions are minimized. After building a city, you sometimes need to go in and collect gold:

Agro Сity - Build Your Profitable City

Every hundred gold is 1 ruble, but funds must be on balance for withdrawal. Now payments are available only on Payeer and at a minimum you will need to collect 500 gold (5 rubles).

Thanks to the various bonuses, you can collect additional profits. Several types of bonuses are available:

  • daily bonus (1-100 gold);
  • risk bonus (-150 or +200 gold);
  • account bonus for withdrawal (given once a day to those who replenished the account by more than 100 rubles);
  • bonus buildings (issued for replenishing the balance more than 200 rubles);
  • accumulative bank (5 % of all deposits are transferred to one of the users every day).

Agro Сity - Build Your Profitable City

Also, you can spend your time playing extra cash games with enthusiasm. Let them be simple, but interesting:

  • blackjack;
  • thimbles;
  • bones;
  • lottery;
  • eagle and tails;
  • auction;
  • races;
  • KNB.

The most important thing is not to flirt, because gambling can not only generate income, but also become a serious graph of expenses.

Now the Agro Сity project is not very popular, but everything is ahead. Obviously, such projects will flourish, because playing in them is really interesting and it is immediately obvious that the developers have made serious efforts to launch the system, so it is unlikely to close quickly.

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