Affiliates for monetization online store

Virtual business is no less profitable than it is in real life.

It’s easy to open an online store these days, you can turn to professionals or use ready-made templates for popular CMS and get ready site. But in order for it to start functioning, goods are needed.

Signing contracts with suppliers and manufacturers, organizing delivery, processing orders and many other points require a professional approach.

Affiliate programs for an online store are ideal. You can offer users other people's products and get a percentage for it or make a surcharge.

Affiliates for monetization online store

Affiliate online store, profitable business

Not every buyer, when he finds the right product, begins to check how much it costs on other sites. The desire to make a purchase overwhelms him and he presses a bright "Buy" button.

To sell on the Internet, it is not necessary to hold the goods in your hands. You take an order from a client and transfer it to another company, receiving real income.

The method is not new, but it is very profitable. So that you understand what is at stake, let's look at a specific example. Suppose you already have a ready-made online store of watches or accessories.

Through affiliate program aggregators we find suitable offers (for example, through):

Affiliates for monetization online store

As you see, a partner receives from 500 to 550 rubles for a confirmed order, depending on buyer's country. You can not even make a surcharge, but simply place the product on your website and process the application.

Through the sales page, you will receive the necessary specifications, photos and price:

Affiliates for monetization online store

You just need to add new products and take orders. On the specified data of buyers, independently make orders and pay them. Although you can send them to the selling site, in any case, get a commission. According to this scheme, many projects work, the business is profitable.

Where can I get products for an online store?

Not for all types of virtual shops you can pick up offers through aggregators. In this case, other affiliate programs with goods come to the rescue. They are created quite a lot, and some are designed specifically for online shopping.

A great example, where the largest assortment is:

Affiliates for monetization online store

A huge amount of products with descriptions and pictures. Choose them for your target audience and make a premium, or get the income indicated in the column "Your profit":

Affiliates for monetization online store

You do not have to deal with delivery, search for suppliers and other important matters. You place offers through an affiliate program and you have a profit from each order.

For these purposes also the following affiliate programs are used:

  1. - Chinese goods from the popular Aliexpress store. Again, a huge range and favorable conditions. With the money spent by buyers, 8. 5% is paid, but this is only first. The more orders you help to collect online store, the more you will give from purchases.
  2. is a proven commodity affiliate program, only there are few offers. They are more suitable for online pharmacy stores and with various drugs. Partner deductions range from 10 to 30 percent.
  3. - fixed rewards for the sale of various goods are paid on this site. For example, from the sale of a voice recorder to a partner, 500 rubles are charged, and from the sale of an auto-telephone, 2000 rubles. The range is wide, mostly small appliances.
  4. - thematic affiliate program. Through it you can take for sale goods of the wedding direction. Handbags, car decorations, baskets for flower petals and much more.

Under any online store you can find an affiliate program. The choice is wide, and at the expense of a wide variety of products, you can easily refresh your assortment.

There are many advantages of such a sales scheme, starting with the minimum amount of time and ending with the absence of additional expenses.

The more products are offered to customers, the more chances to have a person to buy. Offer a wide choice, use positions from commodity affiliate programs and get income through mediation.

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