Affiliate Welcomepartners. How to make money in Welcomepartners?

The profitable niche of online gambling "feeds" a huge number of users. Without making bets and without creating your casino, you can also earn.

Webmasters can use affiliate programs and attract players to receive rewards. But you need to choose affiliate program carefully.

Affiliate online casino is an excellent option for cooperation with a huge number of different projects. Using this affiliate program, you can direct traffic to several gaming portals at once, and new webmasters receive up to 55% of casino revenue.

Affiliate Welcomepartners. How to make money in Welcomepartners?

Every day, active webmasters earn money with this project. As we have said, from here you can direct traffic to different casinos:

Affiliate Welcomepartners. How to make money in Welcomepartners?

Each game project has its advantages, and a wide variety allows you to more effectively attract players.

The minimum amount to pay is only $ 2. But it will need to be recruited on one of the projects.

To attract traffic to online casinos, partners are provided with several formats of promotional materials:

  • embedded slot machines;
  • a wide variety of banners;
  • Landings.

In addition, active webmasters can separately order the development of unique promotional materials (for free).

Attracting players to online casinos, you get lifetime referrals. The casino is ready to share 60% of the profits or pay up to $ 150 per active player. More favorable conditions are simply not found.

Also, Welcomepartners affiliate program has other advantages:

  • global casino brands;
  • payments every week;
  • hourly update of statistics;
  • there are a lot of different data for analyzing traffic;
  • there are projects for promotion in certain countries;
  • traffic can be attracted from any sites;
  • there is a referral system;
  • you can use social. networks and traffic arbitration;
  • there are projects for converting mobile traffic.

In addition to all these advantages, with every hundred dollars earned, you get 60 points. These points can be saved and then you can buy different products for them directly from them on the site:

Affiliate Welcomepartners. How to make money in Welcomepartners?

In general, this is an excellent affiliate program of online casinos, which combines a lot of different projects. If you have sites from which you can attract players to a virtual casino, then you must register for Welcomepartners and try to convert traffic, you will be satisfied with the results.

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