Affiliate programs with SMS, how to make money on paid SMS?

The traffic that you get from social networks, your own sites, during arbitration and in any other ways, can be monetized in a huge number of ways.

One of the options is to use affiliate programs in which the profit is built by sending paid SMS by users.

Affiliate programs with SMS, work on almost the same principle. You distribute various information, and the users involved by you must send paid messages from mobile devices. Someone will say that this is not an honest type of earnings, but it is very profitable.

Affiliate programs with SMS, how to make money on paid SMS?

How to make money on paid SMS?

We will present you some of the best projects through which you can get all the necessary tools to get started earnings, but first I would like to tell about the MT-subscription. This is a more cunning way of making money on payroll, which involves periodic debiting of funds from the mobile balance.

All you need is to attract a user who will not send the message, but will receive a code on the phone and enter it in a special form. The scheme is designed so that when you enter the code, the user becomes a subscriber to a paid site and small amounts are systematically deducted from his phone in your favor.

The best way to work with paid SMS or subscriptions is up to you.

Affiliate programs with SMS, how to make money on paid SMS?

The best affiliate programs with paid SMS

  1. . Let's start with the most popular platnik, where there are many interesting offers for traffic monetization. So that you have an idea of ​​what you have to advertise, consider a few suggestions:
  2. Affiliate programs with SMS, how to make money on paid SMS?

    No matter where you attract people, at certain stages they will be asked to send SMS . The amount that will be deducted from the balance of the user, you will install yourself. To make it easier to "lure" people, use affiliate program banners.

  3. . Through this affiliate program is proposed the use of a large number of payroll on various topics. SMS and subscriptions with a payout percentage of 80-90% are also available here. The system is stable and output can be ordered every week. What you liked about using the project is the detailed and detailed statistics with which you can build income development strategies.
  4. . This affiliate program has lost its popularity due to problems with registration, which has been closed for a long time. Now it is possible to pass it, but only during the interview with the operators. Compared to other analogues, here you will find a lot of the best offers, as well as effective promotional materials for advertising.
  5. . Another payer through which you can earn by selling games. With each transaction, you will receive 45 rubles, and you can also receive 10% of the income of employed employees. The minimum amount is not here, but payments can be ordered only 2 times a month. If you have a playground on a gaming theme - then this is the best option, the range is constantly updated.
  6. . This project can be used to create paid archives. Everything is very simple, register, add any archive and get a special link to download it. This link will need to be distributed online, and everyone who decides to open the archive will receive a message about the need to send SMS. The main advantage - you can use your materials and run any advertising.

Earnings on subscriptions and paid SMS is not so popular, and this is primarily due to user dissatisfaction. Not always, after sending a message, they get what they expect, so this option of monetization is not suitable for high-quality websites, because reputation must be prioritized.

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