Affiliate program RedHelper, income up to 40%

Technical support is needed for every large site, and specifically for this, online chat services have been created.

After connecting to them, entrepreneurs receive a special code and after installing it, a simple form is displayed on their resource Appeals for quick communication with potential customers.

The affiliate program offers to make money on attracting the owners of large sites.

If you manage to find people interested in installing online chat on their sites, you will receive a percentage of the money they spent. Services are paid, the prices are decent, and therefore the commission goes decent.

Affiliate program RedHelper, income up to 40%

The best online chat for the site from RedHelper

This company has been operating for several years and continues to receive positive reviews.

We already told how to establish an online chat on the site and there described the system in detail. After viewing the article, you will have no doubt that it will be easy to attract users to this quality service.

Chat from RedHelper is not only easy to install. The client receives convenient functionality and can customize greetings, use templates, follow the actions of the client, view information about who wrote in the chat and get detailed statistics for each operator:

Affiliate program RedHelper, income up to 40%

In Overall, RedHelper is the best option for installing an online chat on the site, so when using their affiliate program, you will be advised a quality system for business development.

How much will I earn on RedHelper?

Naturally, it all depends on how many customers you bring and how expensive the services they order. Affiliate program is divided for individuals and legal. It is much more profitable for the company to cooperate:

Affiliate program RedHelper, income up to 40%

This image contains detailed information about the conditions. In short, bloggers and freelancers get 20-25% from sales, and legal entities 25-40% . Freelancers are provided with promotional materials and promotional codes for discounts. Money instantly displayed on Webmoney.

I have been working with the RedHelper affiliate program for a long time, here are my statistics:

Affiliate program RedHelper, income up to 40%

If I were a legal entity, the income would be even higher. In addition, legal entities receive 60 days of free use of online chat and a personal manager. Cooperation is contracted, and payments are made to a bank account.

During the lifetime of the RedHelper project, over 600 partners have already joined their affiliate program. Not much, but they attracted almost 20,000 customers. Even if you attract 10-20 owners of large sites, you can consistently make a profit, because they will extend tariffs 100%.

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