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I present to you something new for me 🙂 This is an affiliate network from mixmarket. biz. Yes, it is the network, not the affiliate program.

What is the difference? Now you have the opportunity to work with many affiliate programs through a single interface.

The first thing that came to mind was, why are superfluous intermediaries needed? And the answer to this question was found in their faq:

It would seem, indeed, why pay some intermediaries if you can negotiate directly ?! But we do not eat our bread for good reason, dear partners.

Firstly, we protect you, dear partners, from such an unpleasant phenomenon as “incomplete payment” or simply saying “sheve”. Naturally, we will not say that all advertisers with direct affiliate programs underestimate affiliate earnings - this is not so. On the contrary, a normal advertiser will never deceive partners, because any deception becomes sooner or later obvious, and the loss of image is the worst of all. And we honestly say that we cannot guarantee 100% the honesty of the advertiser's relationship with partners, since the final data is still generated on the side of the advertiser. But we can also say that we are doing everything in our power to control these relationships and to be completely transparent and honest. And we have control mechanisms, and, believe me, these mechanisms are quite effective.

Secondly, we have not only the program of this wonderful advertiser, but also many other equally wonderful programs. And it will be convenient for you, dear partners, to work with several programs from one interface and receive money in one place. We can also offer you not only the "Mix-Uni" section, but also the "Mix-Goods" and "RS Yandex" sections, which may well be of interest to most sites.

Moreover, you can make good money by attracting partners to the network:

  • The advertiser has registered1 rubles
  • Approval of registering an advertiser in Mix Products150 rubles
  • Advertiser started working in Mix-Products500 rubles
  • The advertiser began working in Mix-Uni650 rubles
  • Partner registered0. 5 rubles
  • Periodic payments from the partner's earnings 5%

It seems to be normal rates 🙂

MixMarket Partner Network. BIZ - become a partner!

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