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Sooner or later, every beginning moneymaker involved in the implementation of tasks on the mailer or freelance, begins to think about switching to a more profitable activity.

The choice is huge, many now prefer binary options, but there are less risky ways to raise serious money.

Profitable affiliate marketing can be turned into a full-fledged business. To make such a business highly profitable, you will have to learn a lot.

Advertise on the Internet is simple, only at first glance. When you start to understand how to increase conversions, create landing pages, study statistics, it becomes clear that knowledge is not enough without knowledge.

Affiliate Marketing Steps | Workion. ru

First you need to figure out what this type of marketing is all about. If you contact Wikipedia for an answer, then this is a method of promoting on the Internet, involving the involvement of partners and the payment of rewards for attracted customers.

Simply put, you invite a person and get money on certain conditions.

The scheme is not complicated, and many services are invited to cooperate. You do not need to make any contributions, it’s just worth thinking about where you will attract people from.

It is advisable to make a platform for this (forum, blog, video channel, group in social networks, etc.). Although you can use traffic arbitration by investing in advertising.

As regards the conditions, the remuneration may be in the form of interest on the sale, a fixed amount for performing specific actions, paying for calls and so on. Naturally, different money is paid everywhere, so you should carefully choose a service.

Where can I try to make money?

There is a huge number of affiliate programs offering a variety of conditions. Personally, I use the following sites:

  • - you need to invite players to gamble.
  • - invite models for earnings or viewers.
  • - a similar project, earnings for models.
  • - a percentage of binary options trading is paid.
  • - the percent from deposits of referrals is charged.
  • - newcomers are paid 8. 5% of purchases.
  • - Avivbilets sale and hotel booking.
  • - you need to invite foreign students who want to buy control, degree, course and other work.
  • - pay 35% from the sale of stickers on mobile devices.
  • - the payment system is divided by a commission from referral operations.

This selection is quite enough to start making money on affiliate marketing. As you know, incomes directly depend on how many people you can attract.

Forget about spam, you should only use proven, effective and high-quality methods, for example, targeted advertising Vkontakte.

Affiliate Marketing Example

To demonstrate an example, let's use an aggregator. Many affiliate programs have been added at once on this site, their offers are called offers. Using statistics, you can answer the question of how much they earn on affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Marketing Steps | Workion. ru

Interesting numbers, isn't it? And now pay attention, this is the statistics for the week. The webmaster who takes the first place gets about 18 million per month, you just think about this figure, this is a lot of money, and everyone has a chance to earn it.

Affiliate Marketing Steps | Workion. ru

Now as for the actions for earning. Register in the affiliate program and start looking for an interesting offer.

There are enough of them on ActionPay, it is desirable to choose something modern and interesting. For example, it can be Jeggins - special pants that hide figure flaws:

Affiliate Marketing Steps | Workion. ru

For the sale of one pants you will be paid 560 rubles. Also shown in this image are the ways in which it is allowed to invite people:

  • contextual advertising (+ on the brand);
  • Popup, Clickunder and Popunder banners;
  • mailing;
  • mobile traffic;
  • teaser ads;
  • groups in social networks;
  • coupon services;
  • SMS sending .

If you do not use it, look for money to invest in advertising. For example, it can be ordered in popular Vkontakte communities. Perhaps you know about the music group, which consists of more than 8 million participants:

Affiliate Marketing Steps | Workion. ru

Today I found out how much advertising costs on their wall. To record was in the first place 1 hour, you will have to pay 12,000 rubles. Money is serious, bargaining is inappropriate here, if you don’t have the amount, choose less promoted sites:

Affiliate Marketing Steps | Workion. ru

So, having spent 12,000 rubles, you need to collect 13 sales to pay off. Think about it yourself, out of 8 million users, will you manage to attract only 13 customers?

Obviously, this is real. And imagine, there will be 26 sales? You get 2 times more, and if 50 or 100 orders.In general, how it all works, you understand and can now try affiliate marketing for newbies.

It is advisable to select communities with a target audience that is interested in the selected product. For example, if this is a means to increase muscles, it makes sense to advertise it in the public about sports.

Affiliate marketing from scratch is hard to start, but really, you have to look for customers and talk to them personally.

It is much more profitable to start with investments, and if you do not have money, read about making money on a computer without investments for beginners. Collect at least a few thousand, with small amounts, too, it makes no sense to start.

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