Affiliate Lucky Partners up to $ 150 per player

An experienced moneymaker knows which niches are best to invest in. There are profitable directions and these include gambling.

Online casinos are attractive with different bonuses, entertainment and colorful decorations. And if you invite new players to them, you can make a fortune.

Affiliate program up to $ 150 per player and $ 10 bonus, offers to everyone.

Through it, partners invite players from all over the world to branded virtual casinos and make good money. I myself have been using the service for a long time and sometimes publish payment screens in the income reports.

Affiliate Lucky Partners up to $ 150 per player

Earnings on affiliate casino

It is really beneficial to cooperate with an affiliate program. For registration in the system all partners are charged $ 10. This is a welcome bonus, it can be withdrawn when the minimum threshold is reached.

What is interesting about the affiliate program is the constant holding of some actions and tournaments:

Affiliate Lucky Partners up to $ 150 per player

Vulcan Formula is being held, where $ 6000 is being played. By the way, the Vulkan brand shows the highest conversion, so getting Top places is much easier than with other casinos.

In addition to Vulkan, here they offer to attract players to the following casinos:

  • Slotobar;
  • Poker House;
  • GMSlots;
  • Eldorado ;
  • Anonymous Casino;
  • Crown;
  • Lotoru;
  • All-Bank;
  • Jackpot.

You can fill your site with descriptions of all these projects and send traffic to several casinos simultaneously. This is the most convenient way to get good money from Lucky Partners.

The most active users have already earned more than a million dollars here, a good perspective:

Affiliate Lucky Partners up to $ 150 per player

You can join the ranks of these partners, you just have to go register, choose a cooperation scheme and start inviting players. You can do this not only through your website, social, forums and traffic arbitrage are suitable.

In addition to being paid for a player for $ 150, offer other conditions:

Affiliate Lucky Partners up to $ 150 per player

You can receive up to 55% casino income or 30% of the deposits made. Here, decide for yourself what is more profitable. So far I have not earned millions in the affiliate program, but I have attracted quite a few players to popular casinos.

Promo materials are effective here and individual advertising content is created on demand.

Here are my statistics:

Affiliate Lucky Partners up to $ 150 per player

Payments are made 2 times a month, the minimum amount is $ 20 (for bank transfers $ 2,000), and the waiting time is 5 days.

Conveniently, there are several withdrawal methods available - there is Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex. Money and other bills. I have already received money from the service more than once:

Affiliate Lucky Partners up to $ 150 per player

The affiliate program has been working since 2014, payments are stable and there have never been any problems with them. Even if you do not plan to earn seriously with an affiliate program, get a welcome bonus and collect another $ 10 to get paid $ 20.

In the gambling niche there is another profitable affiliate program -


Experienced partners at Lucky Partners earn thousands of dollars every week and attract over 100 players. It does not matter which casinos you invite people to, the main thing is to find fans of gambling games that will replenish the balance for large sums and actively play.

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