Affiliate Borisova with each sale up to 2500 rubles

Cooperation with large companies and businessmen brings good money, but it all depends on how hard you work.

Affiliate programs open in different niches, now the information business is relevant. Earnings on video courses brings profit to the authors and those who distribute products.

invites everyone to sell various information products and receive a percentage from it.

The founder of the affiliate is a well-known blogger who has been in the info business since 2010. Under his authorship a lot of informational bestsellers have been released, and they will definitely thank you for their recommendation.

Affiliate Borisova with each sale up to 2500 rubles

Affiliate of quality infoproducts

Now there are more than 5,500 webmasters working in this affiliate program, generally earning almost 2. 5 million rubles. Only from one sale really get up to 2500 rubles , but to get such favorable conditions, you have to work hard.

To get acquainted with the affiliate program, we collected some of its features:

  • payments 2 times a month (1st and 15th);
  • payouts on Webmoney and bank details;
  • there is a second level of the affiliate program;
  • partners are given discount coupons;
  • there is a tool for cutting back links;
  • spam is prohibited in any of its forms;
  • promotional materials are provided;
  • you can even get a copy of the landing page;
  • detailed statistics are kept;
  • for numerous sales, the payments are increasing.

After registering, in your personal account you will receive a table with links for the sale of all information products. The choice is big, but it's not worth advertising. The conditions for each information product differ, including in terms of referrals from the second line of referrals:

Affiliate Borisova with each sale up to 2500 rubles

It is interesting that additional commissions are provided for active partners. If you make more than 30 sales, the payment increases significantly. For example, it is now profitable to advertise "Selling information on the Internet from A to Z".

Good payouts at both levels are sales promotions:

Affiliate Borisova with each sale up to 2500 rubles

The affiliate program is simple, it’s convenient, and the interface is intuitive. Statistics, ordering information, referral links, a tool for shortening links are available in your account:

Affiliate Borisova with each sale up to 2500 rubles

Many would like to become Alexander Borisov’s partner, but for this you need to learn how to conduct sales on the Internet . To have a website for this is not necessary, there are alternative options for finding buyers. In addition, newcomers are invited to the training section, where useful video lessons are presented:

Affiliate Borisova with each sale up to 2500 rubles

Get knowledge for free, put them into practice, Alexander Borisov’s affiliate program will bring you even more profit. Just do not try to buy the goods on your links or run a spam mailing, it is prohibited by the rules.

InfoBusinessman Borisov proved that he should be chosen as a teacher for making money on the Internet. I would also like to note the interesting design of his blog. Be sure to visit it, read useful articles about other affiliate programs, he often talks.

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