Advertur - banner network to monetize the site

It is difficult for an inexperienced webmaster to increase revenues from his site. You have to try different services, collect statistics, constantly analyze data and change promotional materials.

All this can be avoided if you use affiliate programs that provide comfortable work with the most popular advertising networks.

Monetizing an RTB advertising site with this solution is for those who like to save time.

Competent specialists help to find the best directions for selling traffic. They cooperate with many advertising services, through them they add advertisements to partner sites and take part of their profits.

Advertur - banner network to monetize the site

Is it profitable to cooperate with Advertur?

The question immediately arises whether it is worth it with someone share your profit? Professionals help to achieve maximum returns, so you still remain in the black.

For example, if your site brings 10,000 rubles a month, then the experts will raise income to 15,000 rubles and will take 1,000 rubles from them. The webmaster is satisfied, the professionals get their percentage.

By adding your resource to this system, you will be able to place ads on

and many other networks.

It is easy to connect to the Advertur affiliate program, you need to perform 4 simple steps:

  • simple registration in the system;
  • adding a site;
  • setting a code;
  • making a profit.

Nothing is difficult, and only relevant advertising will be displayed on your site. There are several banner formats to choose from, you decide what size fits your design:

Advertur - banner network to monetize the site

All Advertur webmasters are offered help in increasing conversions. Over the years, professionals have helped increase profits on 8,000 sites.

On average, it is possible to increase revenues by 170%. Register and get advice, and after installing the code, you don’t need to do anything at all, the site will show the most suitable advertising.

Also, to increase conversion, specialists help increase attendance. This is done through competent SEO optimization.

Experts help customize usability, give tips on search engine optimization, and help you find additional traffic sources. Cooperation with Advertur is beneficial for the development of the project.

Advertur - reviews and cost per click

Find reviews about the partner network on the Internet is easy. All of them are positive, as webmasters get a convenient tool for maximizing earnings from their site:

Advertur - banner network to monetize the site

The click price of Advertur is not fixed, it all depends on the subject matter of the site , its performance, traffic quality and many other factors.

Website owners are offered RTB advertising, i.e., in the auction mode, the most advantageous offers are selected from other monetization systems. Only this is sometimes enough to increase profits.

All popular payment systems are used for withdrawal, money comes from the 1st to the 5th day of each month.

Most recently, the Advertur ended the campaign, which allowed you to get SEO analysis for 10 days of working with the system.

It is possible that the administration will reinstate the offer, as many would take advantage of this. All key indicators were checked, starting with server responses and backlinks, ending with content analysis.

Advertur - banner network to monetize the site

If you can trust your site to anyone, it's Advertur specialists. They know exactly how to raise revenues from sites, and their resource requirements are not high:

  • placed on paid hosting;
  • attendance from 250 hosts per day;
  • open statistics counter.

The network began to work recently, so it still has few customers. Try to offer your site, if the site fits the criteria, you can easily evaluate the result of Advertur. It is possible that they will not be able to significantly increase profits, in this case simply refuse the services and delete their code.

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