Advertising with stars helps to attract maximum attention.

Various tricks help advertising professionals to attract the attention of potential buyers and force them to make a purchase (order the service).

Effective techniques have proven to be effective, they are applied in all areas. Now we will tell you about one of the ways to make advertising as effective as possible.

Celebrity marketing or celebrities in advertising, this is more actively used abroad, but in our country there are plenty of examples. On television, we constantly watch ads where famous people are filmed. This is done with one goal - to increase the return on the commercial .

Advertising with stars helps to attract maximum attention.

Advertising with celebrities - the maximum attractiveness

Absolutely everyone can use the popularity of stars to advertise their offers. It is important that on the subject of this person fit the business, and its fans belong to the target audience.

It’s easy to get in touch with famous people on the Internet. It is hardly possible to establish a direct connection, but you can definitely contact the PR agent. It is necessary to choose a well-known person correctly, relying not only on his sympathies.

Almost everyone enjoys popularity. Logos of payment systems and banks are published on the exchange offices, in online stores there are photos of stars in some clothes and so on.

This approach helps to attract more attention. In addition, some people respect the "stellar choice" and try to imitate their idols.

Advertising with stars helps to attract maximum attention.

Almost all books on marketing indicate that the use of celebrities in advertising pays off. The authors of such publications talk about the instincts of fans.

They try to imitate idols in everything, as a pack is equal to a leader. Olga Buzovoy has 6. 2 million followers on Instagram. This huge audience of fans can be translated into client status.

Here are some prices for placing an advertising post for Celebrity Marketing on Instagram:

  • Ksenia Borodina takes 150,000 rubles;
  • Alena Vodonaeva takes 80,000 rubles;
  • Ksenia Sobchak up to $ 35,000;
  • Anastasia Volochkova takes 80,000 rubles;
  • Anna Sedakova takes 350,000 rubles;
  • Elena Berkova approximately 100,000 rubles.

The data is constantly changing, perhaps some prices are already out of date, the stars themselves expose them. Advertising on Instagram with celebrities is beneficial, only it costs too much.

In one post, famous personalities may require several hundred thousand, or even millions. It all depends on how popular this person is.

Advertising with stars helps to attract maximum attention.

Types of star advertising

No one knows exactly how much they get for shooting celebrity ads. We have to negotiate individually. In addition, it is not necessary to record a video. Advertising may be in other formats.

Popular roles are assigned to different roles, here are a few options, how stars can participate in advertising:

  • brand official;
  • one of characters of the brand;
  • the role of an expert in some field;
  • to appear in a new image.

Variations for creating high-quality advertising with the stars are vast. You can invite several stars at once, take advantage of their creative works, simply mention the name, put reviews on their behalf (this technique is called Testimonial) and so on.

Advertising with stars helps to attract maximum attention.

Advertising in video blogs and with YouTube stars is also effective. Beeline is already using the faces of the authors of popular channels.

To secure an influx of customers, promote a brand, increase sales — for the sake of all this, huge amounts of money are spent on advertising. The stars in it help at times to improve performance, but in order to persuade them, you will have to make a very profitable offer.

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