Advertising Vkontakte how to run advertising Vkontakte?

Do you need to start advertising on the Internet? Then you have to choose a good service through which you can spend a quality advertising campaign.

Social networks are also suitable for distributing advertising using only Vkontakte, you can reach 150 million users .

Official advertising of Vkontakte is a great way to increase the popularity of a brand or attract customers. The only negative is the high costs, and if you do not intend to bear them, then we advise you to read the Reposts - an excellent advertisement for Vkontakte. But big expenses will lead you to great results.

Advertising Vkontakte how to run advertising Vkontakte?

How to start advertising Vkontakte?

The popular social network of Runet offers several options for advertising. You can find them on the page.

In 3 blocks all possibilities for advertisers are presented:

Advertising Vkontakte how to run advertising Vkontakte?

Before choosing one of the options, it is better to learn about them in more detail. In this article we will explain which ad is better and what certain types are suitable for.

Targeted ads

Visiting social. Vkontakte network, you should have noticed that ad units appear below the main menu, these are targeted ads:

Advertising Vkontakte how to run advertising Vkontakte?

Anyone can add their ad here, and to get good results , many settings are offered. When you add your ad, you will have the choice of an object that you will promote.

These can be:

  • website;
  • application;
  • community;
  • video recording .

Depending on the type of advertised object, the form of the announcement may differ slightly. But the main parameters for effective advertising will remain:

  • headline;
  • picture;
  • description;
  • display time;
  • user age;
  • geographic location;
  • user interests;
  • education;
  • gender.

All these settings will help filter out the audience that will be watching your ad. Due to this, you will increase the level of traffic conversion (less conversions, more customers).

Advertisements in communities

This is a different type of advertising that will have to be seriously spent on using. From the title it is already possible to guess that your advertisement will be presented in communities, but not all groups are added to the official stock exchange. Basically, these are quality groups with a specific target audience.

After adding an ad, you can select groups yourself, and your ad will appear on their walls:

Advertising Vkontakte how to run advertising Vkontakte?

The price for advertising is high, so you have to choose for a long time suitable options. When submitting an application, you will also be asked to specify the date and time of advertising:

Advertising Vkontakte how to run advertising Vkontakte?

Naturally, you only need to choose thematic communities. In addition, be sure to look at the statistics of communities to make sure that the advertising platform suits you.

Special offers in games

This way of advertising is more suitable for large companies that have their own games, applications, websites, and so on. Here you can order the execution of certain actions for payment. In the settings when replenishing the balance on your Vkontakte account, there is a tab Special Offers:

Advertising Vkontakte how to run advertising Vkontakte?

Here you can see examples of such advertising:

Advertising Vkontakte how to run advertising Vkontakte?

As you can see, the payment is made in votes. Choose one of the proposals to learn more about them:

Advertising Vkontakte how to run advertising Vkontakte?

You must perform the actions specified in the proposal in order to get votes. Here you can indicate that you need to register, submit any application, take part in the competition and so on.

If you decide to use such advertising, you will have to write a letter to Vkontakte employees, to the address offers @ corp. vk. com.

In general, it’s not difficult to launch official advertising on Vkontakte , but serious money will have to be spent for this. And if you are looking for ways to promote communities, we recommend reading How to raise the Vkontakte group in the TOP, where we talked about several high-quality services through which you can cheaply promote a community or public.

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