Advertising line from Nolix, how to install?

A great way to make money on your site, which we already use to monetize Workion. ru is a representation of the advertising line.

At the top of the site you can see this line, in which advertising appears systematically. There is no need to perform any actions for earnings, advertisers add their advertising to the full machine and pay money for it.

Get such a line for your site, you can thanks to the service. At the moment, this is the most popular project through which you can quickly get functionality for automatic earnings on the site.

You will receive money for showing the advertising line , and this can be very profitable.

Advertising line from Nolix, how to install?

Earnings for webmasters on Nolix

The advertising line from Nolix is ​​provided to webmasters who have websites with more than 200 hosts per day. If you have such a site, you can proceed to registration on this project. After passing the standard registration, you will see the line "My sites" in your profile:

Advertising line from Nolix, how to install?

Go to this section and click "Add site". After that you will need to fill out the following form:

Advertising line from Nolix, how to install?

Specify the website address, name, category, line style, cost of adding advertising, as well as two additional parameters.

Pay attention to the type of advertising line. Be sure to use this to make its design, beautifully fit into the design of the site. This has a positive effect on the perception of advertising and clickability. If you click "Watch a demo", you will see examples of all formats:

The variety is not so big, however, and you need to use it. Alternatively, the advertising line can be installed not in the upper part of the site, but in other places (for example, under the vertical menu or above the title on the page).

Should I be allowed to show pay-per-click ads while there are no advertisers? Here decide for yourself, but be warned, pay per click is very low.

As for charity announcements, this is generally free advertising, which is better off.

After clicking the "Add site" button, you will be given a code:

Advertising line from Nolix, how to install?

Each field with a code is accompanied by an instruction where and how to add it. Insert the codes on the site and immediately after this, an advertising line appears on your site.

As for the price, the administration advises to set the cost to $ 0. 5 per 1000 views, but you can set your own values.

You can withdraw money only when there is more than 20 dollars on your account.

Nolix advertising service of the new model

The main advantage of monetizing the site through this system is full automation. People order advertising and pay for it themselves.

A line is set at the top of my blog, if you click on "Add an advertising line", an advertisement order form will appear (you can order advertising on my site for only 69 rubles):

Advertising line from Nolix, how to install?

A wide range of payment methods is offered, which is very convenient. Immediately after ordering, the ad is queued up and from time to time appears (if there are other advertisers). How many impressions to pay, the advertiser decides independently, the price depends on it.

With the Workion an advertisement line is constantly ordered, here’s the statistics:

Advertising line from Nolix, how to install?

It’s convenient that I don’t have to spend time, people order and pay advertising, after which It is shown at the top of the site. It works according to a similar scheme, only there the payment is made not for the views, but during the placement (for example, for a month).

How much can you earn on Nolix?

It all depends on how well your resource is known. First, the more impressive the attendance, the more views. Secondly, if the target audience of the site is interested in advertising, orders are received much more often.

My blog is often visited by people who want to attract referrals somewhere, so the line of advertising rarely remains empty.

Advertising line from Nolix, how to install?

This is the statistics of payments for the last few months. As you see, in January alone, 2 payments arrived, the total profit amounted to slightly more than 3,000 rubles.

Not so much money, but the advertising line fits perfectly into the design and works automatically. You could say the money comes on the machine.

How to install Nolix on WordPress?

In general, installing an advertising line on WordPress is not difficult, because when you go to My Sites "and after clicking on one of the sites, the code and hints where it needs to be inserted appear:

Advertising line from Nolix, how to install?

The image has a specially highlighted part of the code in which your unique ID will be written.Why is it needed? Do not use the standard code, use the simplified version:

This line can be added to any part of the site code. For example, set under the main menu. To do this, open the directory with your hosting template and open the header file. php. Choose a suitable area for the location of the advertising line:

Advertising line from Nolix, how to install?

As an option, try to experiment by adding the line to different places, visually evaluating the result.

Here it will only be displayed incorrectly, since styles are not registered. To do this, go back to the directory with the template and proceed to editing the style file. css, where at the very end of you will need to add such code:

#nolix. div {
border: 1px solid # 9DC4D7; / * frame, thickness and color * /
border-radius: 5px; / * round frame * /
background: # F4FAFC! important; / * background color * /
padding: 0 0 0 0! important; / * indents * /
width: 985px; / * width * /
height: 29px; / * height * /
margin-left: 5px; / * indents from page edges * /
margin-top: 5px;
#nolix a. nolix {
font-family: Verdana! important; / * advertisement text font * /
font-size: 18px! important; / * advertisement font size * /
color: # 2181b9! important; / * ad text color * /
padding-left: 15px! important; / * indent from left * /
padding-top: 10px! important; / * indent from the top * /

#nolix a {
font-family: Verdana important; / * text font on the right * /
font-size: 10px! important; / * font size * /
margin: -1px 3px! important; / * indents * /

To avoid unnecessary questions, the code has comments for each line. You do not need to delete them, they do not count, leave them to yourself for a hint. After adding the necessary codes, the Nolix advertising line on WordPress should be displayed correctly.

If something does not work, try using the standard method (adding the resulting code in the body of the body and after it).

Of course, the Nolix advertising service is far from the only way to monetize your site.

As an option, look for direct advertisers with BannerBro. There are many other methods of getting money from your site, which we often talk about, so we advise you to follow the blog updates.

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