Advertising in video blogs. How to advertise on YouTube?

Brand promotion is one of the mandatory actions in the work of an entrepreneur. If you want to raise sales and attract attention, you have to loudly declare your existence.

Even if the products are of high quality, you need to tell about them to the target audience, because people need to somehow learn that you are selling something.

Video blog advertising is a modern approach to branding. Now this method is already used by marketers.

This is not just about adding advertising to a video, but about using a brand or a brand. Promoted YouTube collect millions of views, the audience can actually be turned into customers.

Advertising in video blogs. How to advertise on YouTube?

Contextual advertising for business is most often used. The option is really effective, but if people see your brand in the video of their idols, they definitely will not remain indifferent.

Not all video-bloggers are ready to represent someone's brand, especially if it is not interesting to the target audience, money decides everything here.

In the commercials of the popular video blogger Maxim Golopolosov, the Monster Energy company logo often flashes. This is a clear example of how marketers are popular advertised channel owners on YouTube:

Advertising in video blogs. How to advertise on YouTube?

You can also do advertising campaigns just about anything, just pick a thematic channel and make sure that most subscribers are to your target audience. You can make specific offers to video bloggers:

  • invite them for an interview or a show;
  • to record some social clips;
  • go to travel and advertise your brand;
  • offer to get an innovative product for free.

Owners of large companies often use the latter option. For example, car owners get new cars for a test drive, and computer scientists, the most modern devices.

All this is not surprising, video advertising does show quite good results, and on YouTube it costs much less than on television.

How to properly run advertisements in video blogs?

Errors are often made when trying to advertise something in videos. Marketers are asked to tell about their products and do not even think that the audience is well aware, their idol gets money for advertising.

It is better to make every viewer want to follow the example of their favorite video blogger and product account with the choice of a professional.

You need to start with the right offer to the owner of the channel. It should not be just a message in a social network like "There are 50,000 rubles, make an advertisement in the video."

The video blogger may agree, but the approach is not correct. It is better to make a plan and offer your ideas, just do not insist on their implementation.

Advertising in video blogs. How to advertise on YouTube?

Surely you've heard of YouTube Ivangai, which collects several million views under its rollers. Here's what he thinks about advertising in video blogging:

When you want to add advertising to videos, it is better to trust the author of the channel. Only he knows what interests the audience more and what they will definitely like.

He likes non-standard ideas that could not have been realized without the support of sponsors. It is better not to offer money to the video blogger, but to invite him to make a really cool video.

For someone who is seriously engaged in creative work, it is much more important to please the audience of fans, and not just get a substantial amount.

Now video bloggers are happy to meet advertisers and are ready to work together to record unusual videos.

Maybe you remember how Max +100500 added a video about Battlefield 4. With this video clip, he simultaneously advertised the game and actually recorded interesting content for his viewers:

Here are some examples to follow. Of course, to come up with some interesting idea is sometimes difficult. It is better to immediately contact the author of the channel and invite him to think about suitable solutions.

If you want to advertise something efficiently, but there is no money to create grandiose videos, the targeted advertising on Vkontakte also shows good results.

Marketers need to keep up with the times and look for fresh ideas for advertising campaigns. Adding a brand to videos of well-known Yutuber is a great option, only it takes a lot of money, so it is more suitable for large companies.

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