Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

Working with Advego is a great choice for people who want to make money online. This project is the most popular content exchange and is very popular among copywriters.

Copywriters are authors of articles that sell the created materials to site owners and thereby make profits from the Internet.

As practice shows, earnings do not really stand out for their productivity and it is this project that uses the largest audience of Internet workers involved in writing articles.

You can also try your hand at this area and try to earn the first money on the net. All money earned on this project can also be withdrawn at any time to an electronic wallet.

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

What is Advego, why is this website needed?

This is a text content exchange where webmasters buy articles, and the authors sell them. Do not think that the authors of the texts are stupid newcomers, they can be real professionals who share their experiences, reveal secrets and ask for their work a lot of money. Site owners, in turn, spend the money to buy content for their resources.

In RuNet, Advego is the most popular and high-quality exchange of articles. Thousands of people are already using this site for earnings. It is very different from the analogs and has a lot of advantages:

  • do not ask for any investment, registration is free;
  • earnings are available immediately after registration;
  • there is work for pros and newbies;
  • free work schedule, work even at night
  • salary is open to everyone, regardless of geographic position
  • to withdraw money, you only need to earn $ 5 ( per day really dial);
  • the forum has all the answers and you can chat with other users of the exchange;
  • there is a responsive t technical support;
  • no income restrictions.

The main purpose of the exchange is selling and buying articles . The tasks here are an additional way, but only they are performed by beginners. In order to sell texts, one must also learn to write correctly, each article is carefully checked and, if it is not of sufficient quality, rejected.

Be careful when you start placing articles in the store. After 3 submissions of the article for revision, the account may be blocked. Check each material more carefully, and if you are not sure, it is better to place it on another exchange (the list will be at the end).

The first step you need to do before you start making money is to register with Advego. I’ll say right away that it’s not at all difficult to do this, and all you need is a mailbox.

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

How to make money on writing articles?

When registering, you will need to fill out a standard form:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

After clicking on the "Register" button, check your email, it should receive a letter. In the content of this letter, there will be a link, making a transition on this link, you confirm registration. After that you will be able to log in to your account, and start exploring the interface of this project.

According to the rules of the Advego project, in order to be able to add articles for sale, you will need to complete 10 tasks. This is not difficult to do, and now we will consider a specific example of performing one of the tasks.

How to perform tasks on Advego?

First, go to the appropriate section, where the list of tasks available for execution is presented:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

In this section there will be a form for filtering tasks, as well as a list of these tasks. On the right is a form where you can choose the type of work, cost, and more. On the left is a list of orders, the interface is simple and convenient, the beginner will quickly figure everything out:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

According to the rules of the exchange, you must complete 10 of any orders. The easiest way to take up work in social networks (likes, comments, entry into groups). The first tasks you can complete by spending less than an hour.

As an example, we selected the simplest task from the list and clicked on its title to go to the detailed description:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

In this image you can see the requirements for perform one of the tasks. As you can see, everything is detailed, we need to subscribe to the social page. Vkontakte network.

Mandatory requirements are also described in the assignment; the account must be from Moscow, with at least 100 friends, with photos on the wall. After reading all the requirements, we decided that we would be able to fulfill all the requirements, so we’ll press the “Get to work” button:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

Now we need to fulfill all the requirements, i.e. subscribe to group and click "Tell friends".After completing them, on the place where the "Take to work" button was located, click on the "Run" button. As a report, we need to send a link to the profile, which we are doing using a special form.

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

The last step is to click the "Finish" button, after which an inscription should appear that the advertiser will check our application within 3 days.

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

In the same way, you will need to complete 9 more tasks, after which you will get access to placing articles for sale.

Earnings on selling articles are highly productive if you can type quickly and have a wealth of information that you translate into text format.

Subjects of articles can be any, ranging from advice to young mothers and ending with complex engine structure instructions. For every thousand characters you can get from 50 cents, to a few dollars. In this case, much depends on how interesting you describe the topic and how competently do it.

Try to make money with Advego, perhaps you had no idea that you can quickly create content and soon you will determine if this type of earnings is right for you.

What does the tender for Advego mean?

Newbies do not read the rules of sites and do not visit forums until they have questions. Some tasks on the exchange are marked with the word "Tender", which means that the customer does not allow to do the work right away. He asks to submit an application, as a rule, it is required to indicate any information (for example, a link to the VK profile). If an order requires an article to be written, then instead of an application, a button appears to select a topic:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

Thus, the customer does not need to create several identical orders for articles on different topics. When you click on this button, a window opens where the available topics are presented and opposite them there is a button for submitting an application:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

Applications are considered individually, usually customers view the profile and statistics. If they agree to perform the task, you will receive a message with an approval text:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

After that, you can go to the order, instead of the submit button, there will be a button to fulfill the order. Not everyone wants anyone to do the work, so tenders for Advego are quite common.

Tips for completing assignments on Advego

Some site users only work on assignments. Although they pay little for simple orders, it takes a minimum of time to complete them. As for the instructions for writing articles, they are the most profitable, but they are difficult.

If you decide to concentrate on completing the assignments, you will find the recommendations useful:

  • Before you press the "Take a Job" button, you need to read the full text and study the requirements ;
  • pay attention to the time allowed to complete the task. Make sure that it is enough for you (important for complex orders);
  • if you write texts on orders, pay attention not to the total cost, but to the price for 1000 characters;
  • use the order discussion more actively. Comments appear in the job card, there you can ask questions to the customer;
  • do not rush to send reports, recheck everything for several times so that you will not be returned the order for revision or not refused at all;
  • not Chase complex tasks with high pay. It’s hard to do them, and for refusing to do so, the rating is removed;
  • do not try to fool someone or unfairly do the work, lose the rating and you will be overwhelmed with negative reviews; . As a rule, they select proven candidates with high ratings and portfolios;
  • make the transition from simple to complex tasks smoothly. Gradually gaining experience, you will build your career correctly;
  • do not sit and do not wait for the customer to pay for your work. A waste of time, which is better to be allowed to perform other tasks;
  • fill in your profile, install an avatar, indicate professional skills and topics that you are ready to work with.

Despite the active work of the moderators and the quality of the exchange, fraudsters sometimes use the site. You need to be attentive and refuse questionable offers. Most often, beginners are offered to participate in article contests where only one author receives payment (in fact, no one can receive it at all).

Withdrawing money from Advego

To order a payment, you need to earn $ 5 (minimum wage) on Advego. Recently, there are more ways to get money. Previously, there was only the Webmoney payment system, transfers to QIWI and bank cards are now available.Before ordering a payment, you must specify the payment details:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

The balance of users is maintained in dollars, if the account is in rubles, the money is automatically converted at the current exchange rate of the Central Bank. The wallet number can always be changed. The first application for withdrawal is considered within 16 days, in the future this procedure will take a maximum of 3 days (if there is an initial and higher Webmoney certificate, output per minute):

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

The administration transfers money from 10 to 19 hours on weekdays. I have repeatedly ordered the payment, the money comes without problems. I use Webmoney more often, for me this payment is the most convenient.

Similarly, you will receive money for the work done. If you display on the card, then when entering its number, be careful, while there is no function to change it.

What is the best way to start earning on Advego?

After registration, newbies get lost in the interface and don’t know what to do. It is best to start with an introduction. Just go through all sections and see what functionality is on the exchange.

As regards work, it is better to first try to complete cent tasks. The simplest instructions are related to social networks, using a filter, select a category with likes, reposts and polls:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

you will be presented with a list of the most simple instructions. Pay for them from 2 cents (about 1 ruble). This is more than on any mailer or in the systems of social networks cheating. For some tasks, payment is slightly higher (5-10 cents), if there are no serious requirements, this is the best option:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

Also, beginners should pay attention to orders invited by friends in groups. Such work is well paid. One mailing of invitations can bring up to 50 cents (25 rubles). Every 8 hours you can do it from one account, that is, at least 2 times you can do it for sure (50 rubles a day = 1500 rubles a month).

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

To do this kind of work, some even create a whole pack of accounts, catch up with friends and then complete tasks. Almost every day new orders appear on the stock exchange, there is really enough work for everyone.

How to add an article for sale in Advego?

The yield targets do not match the earnings on copywriting. In general, the exchange was created precisely for this, and after completing 10 simple instructions, you can place any texts for sale. The authors write about everything, but it is better to choose topics that are in demand:

  • cars;
  • tourism;
  • construction;
  • fashion;
  • business / money / finance;
  • medicine;
  • real estate;
  • psychology;
  • children;
  • Internet .

This could be a manual, a selection of tips, a review, a review and more. It is desirable to write voluminous articles, they sell better. SEO copywriting is also worth exploring to optimize texts. Articles are put up for sale quickly, for this you need to go to the store and select the appropriate tab:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

It all starts with the title and category selection. The title of the article should be attractive, the type of text put "Copywriting", use the mark if necessary. The full text is inserted on the same page, a small segment is selected from it and a description is written. Do not worry, buyers will not see your article, they will only have access to the description:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

The last 2 fields are needed to upload pictures to the article and indicate the cost. With article images sold faster. As for the price, it is better to start from 20-40 cents per 1000 characters. For beginners, few people buy texts, except at an attractive price. Earn a reputation first, then raise the rates:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

By filling out the form and agreeing to the rules of service, the article goes to moderation. It will be carefully checked for errors and may be returned for revision.

If there are no errors, the article is put up for sale. The buyer sees the name and other information, the full text will be revealed to him only if he pays:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

The authors are fully protected from deception, access to the text is opened after the copywriter has already received payment . Just don’t try to take advantage of it if something goes wrong (for example, the article is already placed somewhere), a complaint will be filed against you and your account will be blocked without the right to withdraw funds.

Tips for writing articles for sale on Advego

Only at first glance it may seem that this is a simple work on the Internet. For some people, it really replaces the main source of profit, but they are usually professionals.In order to earn money on selling texts, you need to learn a lot and take into account useful recommendations:

  • according to statistics, articles with a volume of 2000-3000 characters are sold as quickly as possible;
  • article name attracts attention buyers (use clickbate to come up with high-quality headlines);
  • create unique pictures to add to articles, buyers are interested in that;
  • make a description, it should reflect the main idea of ​​the article as meaningfully as possible;
  • carefully select the key words for texts (how to choose keywords);
  • learn to write quickly, printing speed increases productivity and income;
  • do not be lazy to learn something new, a good copywriter always develops;
  • do not be afraid to ask for feedback from customers, in the future it will help in development;
  • fill your portfolio with the best works, provide examples to customers.

To make good money you need to work hard and hard. From the start, no one is paid a lot of money for texts; you must first prove that you are a good author and worthy of attention. Sell ​​the first 50 articles at a low price; this is the best way to ensure an effective start.

Testing Advego Plagiatus

In the recommendations above, we did not touch on one important point, because it requires special attention. On Advego there is a special program through which the uniqueness of the article is checked. This is an important indicator of its quality, and this check is performed without fail.

The program is free and simple. Before you post an article for sale, you need to make sure that there are no repetitive moments with other materials on the Internet. To perform the check, you need to insert text and click on the special icon, after a few minutes (depending on the number of characters) the result will appear:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

The button to start the check is highlighted at the top, the percentage is shown below uniqueness. As you can see, this is only 7%, but should be no less than 95%. If after checking the uniqueness is low, just change the phrases, words and sentences that are highlighted in yellow. Until you increase this indicator, it makes no sense to post an article for sale, the moderators will not accept it.

How much can you earn with Advego?

Revenues of exchange users vary because they use different methods and spend different time on work. Real professionals get more than $ 1000 per month and this should not surprise anyone. For one big and high-quality article, it’s really possible to help out 20-30 dollars.

Newbies who perform simple tasks earn much less. For example, if you go into the system every day and take it, at least for 10 orders with a reward of 10 cents, it will be $ 1 per day or $ 30 per month (1500–1800 p.). This kind of work will take a maximum of half an hour a day, a part-time job is not bad:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

No one restricts performers and copywriters. The site will pay all that will earn. If you are serious about work, then the income will be appropriate. It is advisable to write articles, more money comes from them. Tasks are more suitable for beginners, although among them there are often lucrative offers.

Advego Reviews

There are 2. 7 million people registered on the exchange. This is a very popular site, it is used not only by Russians. Earnings are profitable and interesting, so thousands of new participants are registered on Advego every day. Among our readers, we found active users of the most popular content exchange:

Advego: registration, earnings, how to sell an article

You are no worse than these people, they also started once and were afraid that nothing would work out. Now the exchange brings them a steady income, for someone it is even the main one. Definitely worth a try on such a popular site, at least here you are definitely not deceived.

Analogs of Advego, where else can you earn?

Not only Advego can be made by ordinary users. There are other, not less quality sites. Some of them are even easier to use, because not everywhere is the main source of income on articles. If you want to create additional sources of profit with several systems at once, choose these projects:

  1. - by popularity in RuNet this is the second copywriting exchange. The articles are checked on it with minor errors, but buyers are warned about it. Additionally, they offer to make money by selling photos.
  2. - articles on this site do not need to write at all, here users earn exclusively on tasks in social networks. Connect all your pages and collect the easiest money.
  3. - this copywriting exchange helps newcomers to take the first steps. It has a lot of cheap content, and all because checking is the easiest here. Even large defects turn a blind eye, as long as buyers do not complain.
  4. Seosprint - a click sponsor will suit users who like to perform small tasks. No other site has such a number of instructions, asked to view sites, register, download files and much more.
  5. Wmmail is a similar project with a lot of fine work. It has a store of articles and average prices there are decent. Articles are moderated manually, there are not so many buyers.
  6. is an interesting copywriting exchange, as it has a rating system, many orders and levels of access to them. The site has a convenient messenger, which is useful when working with regular customers.

It is better to register on all of these sites and at the same time promote accounts. At the same time, several sources of income are created; it is possible to diversify your work and not worry that profits will sharply “chop off”.

The Advego website and work on it attract more and more attention. Replenish the millions of users and earn even on articles, even on assignments. In any case, here are the most favorable conditions, comparing with similar projects.

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