Advego, Etxt or TextSale? What kind of copywriting exchange to choose?

Recently, more and more people decide to do copywriting, so the number of registered users is constantly growing on content exchanges.

Newbies choose an exchange according to tips and recommendations, but there are often cases when after a while you have to go to another system.

The reasons may be different, and in order not to lose the already earned rating and reviews, which is very important for a novice author, you must immediately make the right choice.

Which is better than Advego, Etxt or TextSale? All these exchanges are very popular and at first glance they are the same, however, there are differences.

Advego, Etxt or TextSale? What kind of copywriting exchange to choose?

Advego is considered to be the best exchange, this is the most popular project where most users are registered. But this service is not perfect, and other exchanges have clear advantages. Decide which exchange to work with you, and we will try to present the peculiarities of working with these projects.

1. .
Over the last month, the name of this exchange was searched by more than 13,000 users through Yandex. The system really has an impressive popularity, and the daily attendance exceeds the mark of 33,000 hosts. If you compare the quality of service, in this regard, Advego has gone far ahead of its competitors.

Features of Advego:

  • minimum payout threshold of $ 5;
  • there are a lot of easy tasks (join a group, write a comment, put Like);
  • the largest number of customers and customers;
  • high-quality software for checking the uniqueness and semantic analysis of the text;
  • favorable conditions for copywriters to work (from 80 cents per 1000 characters );
  • withdrawal takes several minutes (in most cases);
  • affiliate program with deductions of 25% of the commission of the system.

In general, the exchange is excellent, but in order to earn money on it you will need to write really high-quality articles. If you too often submit texts with errors for moderation, the profile may even be blocked.

2. .
This Exchange is a little behind Advego in attendance, since about 18,000 users come here per day. But in terms of the number of requests, it is far ahead of its main competitor. For the last month through Yandex this site was searched 28,000 times. The indicator is impressive and many copywriters prefer this particular system.

Features of Etxt operation:

  • minimum payout threshold is 250 rubles;
  • there is a functionality for selling pictures;
  • even if there are minor errors in your article, it will be accepted (but it will be marked with crosses or check marks);
  • section with orders of texts is updated at a tremendous speed;
  • text correction service is built in (for a percentage of sales );
  • with a low rating and activity, articles are checked by moderators manually.

After using the exchange, we can say that this is an average option. There is no fixed minimum payment for 1000 characters, so articles that nobody buys for a long time can be sold at least at a small cost.

3. .
A total of 5000 requests were collected by this exchange in Yandex over the last month. Daily attendance of the site is almost the same 5200 hosts. For beginners and all those who wish to save on the purchase of content, this is an ideal option. Unlike previous exchanges, text requirements are greatly reduced.

Features of TextSale:

  • there is no minimum for output;
  • even low quality texts are accepted for sale;
  • uniqueness is often shown higher than Advego Plagiatus;
  • statistics on the most purchased items are submitted every month;
  • an uncomfortable and outdated interface;
  • affiliate program with 25% deductions;
  • You can advertise other people's articles and get a percentage of their sales.

After reading our short description, you might get the impression that you can sell any text garbage through TextSale, but this is not so.

If you sell materials with too low quality (for example, synonymizing), customers may demand a refund, and the administration of the exchange may block the profile due to many returns.

Exchanges such as Advego, Etxt, and TextSale deserve general attention. With each of the services you can earn money, and how much you can get depends only on you. After reading this article, you learned about the features of working with popular copywriting exchanges, and now it will be easier for you to make a choice.

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