advantages of the new protocol - Profit Hunter

advantages of the new protocol - Profit Hunter

Your website could load faster, your server could spend less resources, web developers would have to spend less time increasing the speed of the site, and the project could improve its position in the search ... And all this thanks to the new protocol HTTP / 2. Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it?

But this is reality. The future came from one of the greatest developments in web technologies in the last 20 years. However, SEOs are not in a hurry to actively talk about it.

HTTP / 2 connect costs for many reasons, including speeding and better ranking in search.

What is HTTP / 2

HTTP / 2 is the newest update to the HTTP protocol. He is a follower of HTTP / 1. 1, which was compiled in 1999. The updated version is a very necessary innovation, since the Internet has changed a lot in recent years. The new protocol gives the site advantages in efficiency, speed and security.

Major improvements in HTTP / 2

  • One connection. Only one server connection is used to load a website, and this connection remains open as long as the site itself is open. This reduces the number of cycles required to establish multiple TCP connections.

advantages of the new protocol - Profit Hunter

  • Multiplexing. Multiple requests are made simultaneously on the same connection. In HTTP / 1. 1 happens on 1 data transmission in unit of time.
  • Server Push Technology. Additional resources may be sent to the client for future use.
  • Prioritization. Requests are assigned dependency levels that the server can use to deliver priority data faster.
  • Binary. It makes the protocol easier to parse by the server, more compact and less prone to errors. No additional time is required to translate text into binary code, which is the "native language" for a computer.

Where HTTP / 2

advantages of the new protocol - Profit Hunter

is supported. According to the study, the protocol is supported by 76.62 percent of barserh used by users in the US and 67. 89 - in the world. Moreover, there are some features of its application. For example, Internet Explorer 11 supports the new protocol only if you have Windows 10.

You can check how it will affect visitors to your site in GA simply by clicking on the e Audience tabs. Technology. Browser. OS and browsing supported browsers.

You will also find that most server software (such as Apache, NGINX, and IIS) already supports HTTP / 2. Some major content delivery systems (CDNs) also support the new protocol (including Akamai).

HTTPS and HTTP / 2

Although HTTP / 2 supports both secure and non-secure connections, Google Chrome and Mazilla browsers support this protocol only via HTTPS. Unfortunately, this means that many site owners who want to take advantage of the new protocol will have to provide support for HTTPS.

What HTTP / 2 means for developers

Website acceleration technologies that are used for the outdated protocol are optional if HTTP / 2 is used. They are needed to hide flaws in speed and sites and file uploads, but additionally they cause other problems.

For example, embedding. CSS and JavaScript, and even images, are placed directly in the HTML code, reducing the number of connections. However, this requires additional RAM, and there is a delay in rendering the page until the HTML is fully loaded.

How does the new protocol affect search engine optimization?

Websites that use HTTP / 2 will get some bonus in speed rankings. Since Chrome and Firefox support the HTTP / 2 protocol only through HTTPS, many sites that did not switch to HTTPS may experience an additional rise in ranking if they do.

It is important to understand that many technical issues with HTTPS must be executed correctly, otherwise, there may be some temporary (if not permanent) fall in positions when switching from HTTP.

One of the most important problems that occur during the transition to HTTPS is not just setting up a redirect 302 instead of 301, but whole chains of redirects, as well as unwillingness to remove old redirects.

In addition, it is necessary to clean and change, for example, site maps, incoming and outgoing links, etc.

One more thing is that the data in the headers is lost. In analytics systems, this means that traffic is shown as direct, and not coming from links from other sites.

There is a lot of research into how slow sites reduce conversions and force users to leave their pages, and how fast sites increase sales.This is what makes the transition to HTTP / 2.

Search engines made speed a ranking factor, and it will be interesting to see if the updated protocol itself will become another such factor, and how much additional “weight” it will add to sites in the competition.

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