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Website creation technologies do not stand still and gradually they become more and more complex and perfect.

Now many are learning Flash, since it can be used to create the most daring projects. But before you think about developing a site on a flash, you need to evaluate all its advantages and disadvantages.

We will present the pros and cons of Flash sites in this article, so that it will be easier for each of our readers to decide whether to use this technology.

In general, learning Flash is useful, since you can make money from Flash games, develop custom banners, create individual elements of sites and do other work.

Advantages and disadvantages of Flash sites | Workion. ru

Flash is the technology of the future?

Whether the flash will be used more actively in the future remains a mystery. Arguments about this are ongoing all the time and some believe that HTML 5 completely replaces this technology.

You can only make your own opinion after evaluating all the pros and cons of Flash:

Pros of creating websites in Flash:

  • external design of sites with the use of this technology is much better. Just imagine the design of the resource, where the interface is similar to the interface of an application or a simple game;
  • due to the colorful design and all sorts of chips, it is much easier to manipulate the attention of visitors;
  • websites created on flash are distinguished from gray mass, so you can be sure that visitors will remember your project;
  • due to new technologies, developers get a lot of additional features. For example, you can run streaming audio and video, apply vector animation, and so on;
  • site autonomy also applies to pluses. Once a resource is uploaded, a visitor can already fully use it with a minimum amount of traffic.

If we consider the functionality of Flash technology, you can enumerate the advantages to infinity. Nevertheless, there are not so many created flash sites, and the reason for this is a lot of minuses.

Disadvantages of creating websites on Flash:

  • search engines have not yet learned how to index flash sites, which is the main difficulty in promoting them;
  • Editing the contents of such a site is much harder;
  • it will take a lot of time to fully develop a Flash site and without a high level of knowledge, nothing will work;
  • visitors will have to wait a long time until the site loads (in comparison with other sites);
  • in order for Flash to work, a special player must be installed in the browser (sometimes it does not exist or it does not work);
  • if to develop such a site or even part of it, it will cost a lump sum.

Website development using Flash takes place, but it is better not to use it when creating information resources.

On them everything should be short and clear so that the person quickly finds the necessary information. Why then use such resources? For example, for promotional pages, games, presentations.

If you already have knowledge of Flash, use it for profit. Earnings on video courses is a great option for applying your skills.

Professionals do not recommend starting regular flash sites, but more often they explain this by the fact that there will be many problems with promotion.

If you want to implement an unusual project, it is better to introduce elements to the site using Flash technologies. So you can run an interesting resource without creating yourself extra difficulties.

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