Admitad - how to make a lot of money?

A huge number of sites are monetized through the Admitad affiliate program network, with this project you can earn decent money and thousands of Internet users have already seen this. This may seem impossible, but in the past 24 hours the maximum salary on this project was 1. 2 million rubles.

How do they make money on

? The essence of earnings is this - you invite customers to online stores, services, online games and other projects, and for their actions (payment, orders, registration) you get a reward.

At the moment there are 355 active offers on this network, from which everyone will be able to choose the right conditions.

Admitad - how to make a lot of money?

Successful earnings with Admitad

The Admitad has enough analogs, but most professionals stop on this aggregator , as it has various advantages. The system has been in the lead for several years, and it is popular with a large audience:

  • a huge number of advertisers;
  • unique individual offers;
  • different sources of traffic are received;
  • you can monetize any site;
  • cooperation with well-known brands;
  • a lot of useful tools for work;
  • there is a learning tour for beginners;
  • constantly add new offers.

To explain in more detail how to make money in this network of affiliate programs, let's consider one of the popular offers from the Wildberries store:

Admitad - how to make a lot of money?

For placing an order user, you can get 280 rubles. We have not shown in vain on the image which traffic sources can be used. As you can see, monetization of sites is not suitable for this offer, as contextual and banner advertising is prohibited.

You can use Email newsletters and social networks to attract customers. Therefore, even without having a website, you can earn through this offer.

The offer we described above was created by an online clothing store. It is possible that for your traffic sources, this option is not suitable.

The choice of offers is quite wide, you can find offers for the monetization of gaming, financial, female, children's, automotive and other types of traffic.

Advertising materials are attached to each of the offers - banners, ads, links, contextual blocks, teasers and other advertising formats.

It is up to you how to use the offer and how to attract traffic, but do not forget to carefully study the conditions of the selected offer.

Pay attention to permitted sources of traffic, as well as countries from which users can be attracted. Money is paid on Thursdays, the minimum amount is 300 rubles ($ 10).

Admitad - how to make a lot of money?

Some users believe that millions of people on the Internet can be made only by creating their own project. Successful partners receive many times more than some Internet entrepreneurs.

The administration of Admitad does not hide the maximum earnings in the system by publishing it in the personal account of each user:

Admitad - how to make a lot of money?

It’s hard to believe, but to one of the users of the affiliate program aggregator managed to earn almost 2 million rubles for 1 day.

I can’t imagine how big the money turnover is here, because the affiliate company is used by many companies that even non-dedicated people know about:

Admitad - how to make a lot of money?

What Need to start a collaboration? All newbies are interested in, Admitad how to work from scratch, but money is not required at the start. You need to register, add your site (this can be a group of VK or channel on YouTube) and you can connect to the available offers.

If there is no site, add ad networks, then a button appears to start a partnership:

Admitad - how to make a lot of money?

In some offers, moderation is not required. Immediately after registering, you connect to the affiliate program and start looking for customers in accessible ways. Some manage to attract buyers from their friends.

This is also real, after the connection a special link is issued and other promotions are provided:

Admitad - how to make a lot of money?

About Admitad, the feedback is positive, since the service is the main source of income for thousands of users . To get a decent income, you need to ensure a steady flow of visitors. For this, money is invested in traffic arbitration or quality sites are created.

The Admitad Affiliate Program, where to look for customers?

Decided to figure out how to make money on Admitad? Start by searching for the source of traffic. Where will the users you invite come from? To do this, there are several options, it is best to unleash your own site.

But there are many other interesting options:

  • doorway pages;
  • groups on social networks;
  • channels on video hosting sites;
  • forums and message boards;
  • one-page websites;
  • click sponsors;
  • email dispatches.

For any of these methods to work, you have to spend a lot of time on promotion. Only with a large attendance and a huge number of fans, you can count on a decent income. Do not want to waste time? Then use any advertising service by investing your money.

This is the most interesting way to make money on Admitad without a website. Let's assume that we are looking for clients for the Renaissance Credit bank offer, where we pay 2800 rubles for an approved loan application:

Admitad - how to make a lot of money?

It is not prohibited to use advertising networks for earnings. When adding a site, you can select an arbitration system, almost all popular networks are added. The form is filled in with a standard one, be sure to fill in the description:

Admitad - how to make a lot of money?

Suppose that for each click through advertising in Clickunder format through, you will pay 60 kopecks. This is a relatively small amount of money, and for 2800 rubles you will receive 4666 clicks on the banner.

Interested people click on advertisements and if at least one of them takes a loan, your money will pay off completely. Now imagine if 3 people from 4666 (conversion 0. 06%) net profit will be 5600 rubles.

Good money, however, no one guarantees that people will use the services offered. The statistics reflect each transition and action:

Admitad - how to make a lot of money?

This is data for 2 months for different offers. As you can see, the total profit amounted to almost 200,000 rubles. Total advertising costs amounted to about 50,000 rubles, i.e., the money invested increased 4 times. It is much better than any investment on the Internet, with guarantees and the ability to manage capital.

Admitad affiliate program never pays back payments, no matter, partners work with it - millionaires, for which even one day can be too serious a period of time. Start working with the TOP affiliate program network, at least you’ll raise some small money here.

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