Adguard - blocking advertising on sites

Visiting the Internet, we all have to watch a huge amount of advertising, which is already fed up with order.

All sorts of banners, subscription offers, screaming and blinking windows, break comfort, and it would be nice to remove advertising from all sites. And to make it quite real, with the help of special software.

The program is an ad blocker on websites that does an excellent job with its task. After installing this software, you will never see ads on any site.

And besides that, it will protect you from being watched and will increase the security when surfing sites. The only negative, the program is not free, but not expensive.

Adguard - blocking advertising on sites

How to remove advertising on the Internet?

After downloading the program, you will receive a 2-week free use. Try installing a program to appreciate all its benefits. There is a similar software on the Internet, but Adguard performs several functions at once, which makes it the best software.

Adguard Pros:

  • protection against fraudulent sites, due to the huge base in which all malicious resources are added;
  • blocking all formats advertisements;
  • you can block adult sites;
  • you will receive warnings when you go to a site with low reputation;
  • increased site load and traffic savings;
  • suitable for all browsers.

For convenience, the Adguard official website has a tool that allows you to evaluate the use of the program. You just need to specify the address of any site to see how it will look when using the software:

Adguard - blocking advertising on sites

For example, we entered the address of our blog and decided to see if the system can handle advertising :

Adguard - blocking advertising on sites

As you can see, there is neither an advertising line, nor a banner, which is in the left part. The system copes with its purpose.

How much does Adguard cost?

Honestly, the cost of this program is ridiculous. For each month of its use, you will give 16 rubles. But for this amount you will receive a program without parental control, i.e. it will not be possible to close sites from the +18 category, but all advertising from the sites will disappear:

Adguard - blocking advertising on sites

If you buy a license more more than a year and more than 1 computer, you can save a lot. Also, you can buy an eternal license for only 500 rubles for one computer. The main payment methods are presented in the following image:

Adguard - blocking advertising on sites

And if you are not satisfied with something, then within 2 weeks you can return the full amount spent on the license.

The Adguard program is an indispensable tool for anyone who actively uses the Internet. Given its cost, it is safe to say that it is absolutely accurate, everyone should use it.

Try to install it and use the trial period, it is unlikely after that you will be able to refuse to purchase a license.

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