Additional advertising in the mailing list, advertising blocks in the mailing lists

Millions of emails are sent to the Internet every day, some of which are sent to subscribers by email. Every Internet entrepreneur should use mailings, this is a great option to create a large database of loyal customers, whose support can be dealt with without leaving home.

Besides the fact that regular mailings will help attract customers, letters can be an excellent platform for placing additional advertising. A beautiful and attractive banner can be added to the top of each letter, and regardless of whether you advertise your products and services or use affiliate programs, this will be useful.

Additional advertising in the mailing list, advertising blocks in the mailing lists

Advertising blocks in mailings

Experienced foreign entrepreneurs advise you to add advertisements to every letter, this will not look repulsive, and also help you increase your profits. The most important thing is to develop an attractive advertising format, as well as offer exactly what your subscribers might be interested in.

If we consider the most effective types of letters in which additional advertising receives the most conversions, we can distinguish the following types:

  1. Thanksgiving and informative letters, which contain general information about your newsletter . As for the letters of thanks, these are letters in which you thank the users for subscription.
  2. Confirmation letters are the best option for installing additional advertising. Through such letters, users confirm orders, payment, choose delivery and more.
  3. The type of letters that are intended to unsubscribe from the newsletter is less effective than the previous versions. In each letter, you should have a link to the unsubscribe, but do not make it direct, request confirmation by email, and add advertising to the letter.

Additional advertising in the mailing list, advertising blocks in the mailing lists

Additional advertising in the newsletter can be not only in the form of a banner or context. At least clickable links can be links that are correctly set in the text. In most newsletters, you can select parts of the text that are easy to link to and thus make them as natural as possible.

For example, you can tell your readers about the basics of a programming language and in parallel in the text to suggest using a great e-book.

It is necessary to "squeeze out" the maximum benefit from each traffic source. Try adding affiliate promo materials to your newsletters and be sure to watch the statistics. Most likely, the number of unsubscribing subscribers will not decrease, but your balance in the affiliate program will grow.

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