Add infoproduct for sale in Glopart

A successful information business can generate huge income, but you have to work hard to create products and make efforts to ensure sales.

It is much easier to sell products using special affiliate programs such as


How to add a product to the Glopart? Thousands of users come to this site to take someone else's product and start selling it, getting interest for it.

We already mentioned the system, telling where on the Internet to make money by selling files. It can be difficult for a beginner to use it for the first time, so we have compiled instructions.

Add infoproduct for sale in Glopart

It’s not so difficult to do all the necessary actions. As practice shows, sales of goods costing less than 1000 rubles are well underway, consider this. You can add the first item for free (“Start” tariff):

Add infoproduct for sale in Glopart

For starters, it is better to use it in order to figure it out and not pay money in vain. Then you can easily buy another tariff if the info business is “popret”.

Now let's take a look at how goods are added to the Glopart:

  1. First of all, you need to fill out your profile, so after registration, go to your personal data (add payment details, information about yourself and set the avatar):
  2. Add infoproduct for sale in Glopart
  3. After completing the profile, go to the "Products" tab and proceed to adding products:
  4. Add infoproduct for sale in Glopart
  5. A form opens, where the basic data of the product is filled out. Choose the type, specify the name and price, do not forget to set the status of "active sales":
  6. Add infoproduct for sale in Glopart
  7. Next, the cover of the infographic product is added:
  8. Add infoproduct for sale in Glopart
  9. The next step is important - setting up an affiliate program. Put a tick to connect affiliate program (better 2-level) and set what percentage of users will receive for the sale of your product. The higher the percentage, the more attention your offer will attract. Some even put 90% to unleash the information product and their name. At least, for the first level, deductions must be exactly at least 50%:
  10. Add infoproduct for sale in Glopart
  11. Further one more product form is filled out. It is necessary to select the product category and make a description. Try to make the description effective, 3000 characters are available to you. For example, look at the descriptions used by other vendors:
  12. Add infoproduct for sale in Glopart
  13. In order to be able to contact you, you need to select the type of support. The most convenient way is to receive emails (here you can also specify a mandatory phone number request):
  14. Add infoproduct for sale in Glopart
  15. The last step to add is the indication of the link to which the user goes after payment (or in case of refusal from it):
  16. Add infoproduct for sale in Glopart
  17. The product is added, now in the "Products" section you can watch the affiliate links to download them:
  18. Add infoproduct for sale in Glopart

Links are ready, you can install them on the site, but first you need to wait until the moderators approve the product. In order for them to respond positively, you will need to confirm your authorship, read more about this on this page.

Having done all the actions specified in our instructions, your product will be added to the Glopart system and will be used by partners. Do not forget to add promotional materials to make it easier for partners to advertise your product.

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