Active leadership in the niche. Module 5. Day 1 - Profit Hunter

We continue the theme of leadership in a niche or in the market. As you learned from the fourth module, passive leadership develops mainly through technical tools and software. The topic of active leadership requires more attention and strength, since it requires active and social actions. At a minimum - this is the creation of the image.

The fifth module will be very light for you. It is impossible to cover all the necessary material to fully open the topic of leadership. To do this, you need to read books, undergo training, practice. Therefore, I will focus on the main key points.

Leadership clone or second I

Now there are two of your selves on the market. For the first, you diligently and diligently sought to create an image and reputation through software and the Internet. To do this, you use Twitter , Facebook , Squidoo and other social networks. You also wrote articles and placed them on trust and “fat” platforms like EzineArticles . Your website receives traffic. This is all good. It gives a charge for further growth. There is a prospect in it. You have confidence from Internet users, and in your niche, you have a certain popularity. Your website is in the first 10 of Google. Passive leadership is something you can do in silence without saying a single word. You aren’t even known by sight or heard by your voice. In passive leadership, you are completely virtual.

Many people are very attracted to it. Yo business, because they can remain anonymous .

For active leadership, you need to become more open. You need to choose your strategy, your weapon. What could it be? For example, the media. If you write articles well is a great way. You can use audio and video.

How to start building active leadership? Start with your favorite hobbies.

Scot Kelby created a large organization on the Photoshop market . But it all started with a simple site, lessons, living examples. The audience grew rapidly. Over time, it opened its own firm, which has grown into a large organization. Other prominent examples are Apple and Microsoft.

Why do some manage to become market leaders, while others do not? The difference between leaders and non-leaders in the amount of content , which they infused into the market and regularity .

A very good example of content and regularity is the Olympic Marathon. At the start, the chances to win are all the same. The starting line is crossed all at the same time. And the finish line? … Why is that? What happened to those who came running last? Perhaps there were those who left the race. The difference in the preparation, the choice of their pace and regularity. Persistent reach the finish line .

If you see that in the top 10 of top you don’t take the first place and your efforts don’t promote the site to the first place, don’t despair. Remember the content and of the regularity . You, as well as your competitor, run the Olympic distance. Who will reach the end?

Now, if you regularly write articles and publish them in the media, what will happen? You are a specialist and professional. This is your reputation. Your site is a reflection of your activities and your interests. This is your business card, part of your I. If you position yourself as an online entrepreneur, OK, do it. Write about your business, products, etc.

What should I do if I ...?

Can everyone become leaders? Hmm ... What if you are shy, if you don’t like being in public, if people don’t agree with you or you don’t have support?

One of the most important things important to a leader is that he should have your opinion on the market. And by definition there will be people who do not agree with your opinion. This is normal. If everyone agreed, there would be no competition 🙂 There may be a lot of people expressing their "protest". Your competitors may be among them. Only they will be under a false name.

Phenomenon when a person expresses an opinion, hiding behind an anonymous name, they call trolling, and such people - trolls 🙂 Forums are the abode of thousands of trolls.

Never react negatively to trolls, even if they are real people who openly express their opinion You are the leader of your market. You are positioning yourself as a leader. always shows the correctness and diplomacy. In most cases, respond to "junk" opinion is not worth it. Yes, your nerves will ruffle you, they will touch your I, they will take you out of the rut. So what? Stop for a minute, take a deep breath and continue your run. Let others spend their energy on all opinions. They are trying for you. Spend time and energy (see very successful, that there is a lot of free time). You, meanwhile, invest time and energy in content and regularity.

It is a completely different question, if criticism takes place, it is constructive and deliberate. And this is important. At such opinions should pay attention. Ultimately, you make a decision.

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