ActionPay - making money

ActionPay Affiliate Network is another service with which you can make money on the Internet.

Working with this partner network is significantly different from simple methods of earning on the Internet, and possible income also differs. There are more than 260 active offers in this affiliate network, each of which can be used by you for earnings.

Earnings with the network involves the dissemination of information about one of the offers of affiliate programs of the most popular companies.

In this affiliate network you can find offers from Tinkoff Bank, Alfa Bank, various online stores, online games and other services.

ActionPay - making money

Register for ActionPay

It is not surprising that more are added to this network of partner programs 130 000 sites . Users are actively earning here. There are a lot of analogs in the system, but positive reviews are constantly being written about ActionPay, because the project has clear advantages:

  • high-quality technical support;
  • real-time statistics;
  • integration with different systems;
  • the largest selection of offers;
  • cooperation with well-known brands;
  • stable payments;
  • affiliate program (5%);
  • different tools for earnings.

Everything disposes to being registered in the aggregator. It is not difficult to do this, and so that the newbies do not get confused, we have compiled a detailed instruction on registration at ActionPay:

  1. From the main page, go to registration and fill out the form:
  2. ActionPay - making money
  3. A letter arrives in the mail, with an activation link in it. Go through it, get into your personal account and immediately go to the page with sources to add a new one:
  4. ActionPay - making money
  5. Where will users be drawn from? This may be your sites, advertising, applications in the social. networks and much more:
  6. ActionPay - making money
  7. Suppose you do not have a website. We choose targeted advertising in social networks and instead of the URL we indicate the link to the screen for the settings of advertising companies. If you have not used VC advertising before, create any advertisement and go to settings:
  8. ActionPay - making money
  9. Now you need to wait for the moderators to check the site and its status will be “Active”:
  10. ActionPay - making money

You have added the source of traffic, you can do these steps to connect other sites. Remember that not all sources are moderated.

You can be denied if:

  • the site is hosted on free hosting;
  • if the attendance is less than 2000 hosts per day during the last month (this also applies to VK groups);
  • the site violates the laws of the Russian Federation;
  • at least 50% of search traffic;
  • traffic wound;
  • you cannot add profile pages in social. networks;
  • there is adult content on the site.

We passed the registration and figured out how to add sources. Now you can start making money. Cooperation with such a system can actually be turned into a full-fledged business, some people with millions withdraw money from here:

ActionPay - making money

They all use high-quality traffic sources or spend serious money on advertising. You have a chance to develop to serious heights, the main thing is to try hard.

Instructions for making money on ActionPay

In the TOP of webmasters, there are users who earned several million rubles a week. Naturally, for this they actively worked and used various sources of traffic, for example, their own promoted sites.

The essence of working with ActionPay.

After registering with the partner network, you will get access to active offers, as well as be able to get special links to attract customers to various companies:

ActionPay - making money

Here are a few suggestions that you can choose. After the transition to one of them, the details are opened:

ActionPay - making money

For example, if you attract a client to Tinkoff Bank via a special link, he will apply for a loan and be approved by your partner the reward will be 1200 rubles. In the details of the conditions you will also observe the following information:

ActionPay - making money

This describes the type of traffic that can be attracted. In this case, it is forbidden to use social networks, Email newsletters and contextual advertising on the brand.

But you can use teaser, banner, context or Popup advertising. Special materials are offered for advertising, you can also see this in the screenshot.

We have already added the platform, so we can immediately connect to any offer. To do this, click on the appropriate button below the logo:

ActionPay - making money

A page will open with warnings and various restrictions.In our case, these are prohibited traffic types and restrictions on GEO location:

ActionPay - making money

Click the button to connect to the offer and wait. After a few seconds, the page opens to receive promotional materials:

ActionPay - making money

Each offer has its own promotional materials, but in any case, you can use the usual affiliate link:

ActionPay - making money

To attract users, they immediately issued 3 links. They lead to different pages, the webmaster himself decides where to send traffic. As you can see, there is nothing complicated, choose an offer, get your link and do active advertising both through your platforms and through advertising.

Where can I invite users?

A lot of offers have been added to the affiliate programs network, so you have to decide where to merge traffic. There are lots of options, and you need to start from where you get this traffic.

For example, if this is a site for teenagers, it makes sense to use the offers of online games. Just do not forget to check the available types of traffic in each offer.

Through ActionPay you can make a profit by directing traffic to:

  • Online games (pay for registration).
  • Banks.
  • Online shopping.
  • On dating sites.
  • On gambling sites.
  • To offer the purchase of information products.
  • Offer travel agency services.

This and much more will help you make money with ActionPay. Keep in mind that it is much easier to get people to register on the site or install a mobile application than to order expensive goods. Therefore, high payment should not be for you the main criterion for choosing an offer.

ActionPay - making money

In some cases, quite the contrary, it is better to make whole pie in small pieces. For example, as in the above offer. For the conversion of mobile traffic is ideal. Agree, a lot more people will agree to download a free game, than buy something.

The main question is where to look for customers?

The best option is to use your own website. If you have a site with high traffic, select the appropriate offers and add advertising to the site.

With each pay-per-action, you can generate a profit. To get the maximum benefit, try to choose exactly those offers that may interest your visitors.

If there is no website, you can get links and distribute them on social networks, add them to the newsletters, post on forums, etc. The only thing you need to remember is to check the available ways to drive traffic, we already wrote a little higher.

Affiliate links are distributed by any means. It is advisable to use the most popular traffic sources:

  • contextual advertising;
  • doorways;
  • mobile applications;
  • social network applications;
  • Email distribution;
  • teaser networks;
  • banner networks;
  • motivated traffic;
  • groups in social networks;
  • SMS distribution;
  • channels on YouTube.

Do not forget about this method of earnings as traffic arbitration. By paying for advertising in one of the services, you can specify your affiliate links and thus receive visits from sites that are monetized through advertising.

For example, you can pay for clicks on ads in Google Adwords or YAN.

Many users have already taken advantage of the opportunity to earn money with ActionPay, most likely you have seen ads on the Internet for banks, online stores and various goods. All this brings someone a profit, the owner of which you can become.

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