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Many of the webmasters, businessmen, novice SEO specialists would like to get system knowledge in the field of Internet marketing and search engine optimization. This would dramatically reduce the number of problems that a person faces during the promotion of their resource. This would be especially useful for people who, after reading scattered material about SEO, have a mess in their heads, because often the information is contradictory or irrelevant. And where does this relevance come from?

The Internet is growing too fast. An article written a month ago may already be outdated. What to say about earlier materials? If a person does not have much experience, does not have the necessary capacity to conduct their own research in the field of website promotion, then the problem of reliability and relevance will always be felt.

The first educational project "Internet Advertising Academy" is designed to give the same "correct" knowledge in the field of SEO and Internet marketing. This is done through special courses. The nice thing is that the learning process itself is well thought out. The didactic material, material for lectures and for home reading has been accumulated.

It is worth noting that the Academy has already conducted more than 60 lessons, and the total number of people attending the courses exceeds 1000 people. This is a good indicator.
The courses are conducted by experienced professionals who have been working for years in the field of website promotion. Moreover, thanks to the partnership, well-known personalities, owners of large resources, employees of advertising agencies can participate in lectures.
Courses are mainly held in Moscow. For foreigners or residents of neighboring countries have the opportunity to buy a disc with video lessons.

The Academy has an affiliate program that pays 10% of the course cost. If the cost of the most expensive course is 12,400 rubles, then a pretty good amount comes out of one person.
Payment: cash, non-cash, webmoney, Yandex money, in general, as it is convenient to whom.

The most interesting lectures:
1. SEO vulnerability. How not to harm progress?
2. Buying links on SAPE. Buy links - easy.
3. We study useful programs - CS Yazzle (competitor analysis + promotion strategies)

By the end I would like to add that knowledge is not free. But the greedy pays twice, fool-three times, and the sucker pays constantly.
There is a chance to pay only once. Draw conclusions.

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