About the connection of Feng Shui and money, to become rich

Many different areas, one way or another, relate to money. In particular, it can be psychology, marketing, mysticism, economics and more. In this article I would like to talk about the relationship of Feng Shui and money, which definitely exists.

How to become rich? You need to learn how to manage your money and the art of Feng Shui can help you in your endeavors. Money tends to "come" and "leave" in order to become the owner of solid capital, you will need to try to set up exclusively the "arrival" of funds.

Feng Shui provides for various channels through which your money can "go away" and "come in", having studied these channels, you will be able to block and adjust them, for greater efficiency.

About the connection of Feng Shui and money, to become rich

How can the money go?

  • a creaking entrance door and poor lighting in the hallway can cause money just won't come to your house. Check these moments right now and, if necessary, correct them urgently;
  • all taps in your house should be in good order and should not let water through. According to Feng Shui, your money will flow along with leaks;
  • to save money in the house, do the cleaning in a timely manner and wash the dishes. If you are systematically helped to clean up and wash the dishes, then refuse to help, these people "take away" some of the positive energy;
  • the climbing plants in your house should be well-groomed and should not constitute a "web". According to Feng Shui, such plants have a negative effect on the energy of money;
  • the channel through which money goes can be an artificial waterfall and paintings with its image.

About the connection of Feng Shui and money, to become rich

Which channels need to be set up to attract money?

  • the trash can, oddly enough, is one of the money channels on Feng Shui. In order for money to come to you systematically, you must put the trash can outside the visibility of the guests, and also cover it with a lid;
  • if possible, install a small fountain in your house, which is also a channel for money. You should not confuse a waterfall and a fountain, these are completely different things, which in their own way influence attracting and pushing away money;
  • money loves order and in order to set up a channel for their receipt, you need to remove all unnecessary things from home. Virtually every house has unnecessary furniture and mountains of other unnecessary "junk" that you definitely need to get rid of;
  • among the plants in your house, there must be a money tree, according to Feng Shui, it allows you to open a channel for attracting of money.

Setting up channels for money and blocking those that they “leave” is not difficult at all, so even if you are not sure about the effectiveness of Feng Shui, you will have no difficulty use the rules described above. Try to use them, maybe this was just not enough for money to appear in your house.

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