A virus that makes calls on Android - Android. Dialer. 7. origin

Every day the number of users of mobile devices is growing, and at the same time many people almost completely rule out spending time at desktops.

A actively developing niche attracts a lot of attention, including scammers that spread viruses for mobile devices.

A virus that makes calls to Android, called Android. Dialer. 7. origin, is one of the excellent examples of malware. Most recently, it was discovered by Dr. Web. The virus managed to make a lot of noise, since it is impossible to manually remove it, and the money quickly disappeared from the account.

A virus that makes calls on Android - Android. Dialer. 7. origin

Android virus. Dialer. 7. origin

Where does the money go from the phone? With such a question, users often turn to search engines, and the cause could be a malware infection of a mobile device. There are lots of viruses for gadgets, but Android. Dialer. 7. origin is very different from them, because even an experienced user is difficult to cope with it.

The virus is distributed under the guise of an erotic application, and after installing it, the user observes an error. An empty field appears on the main screen (no icon and name), and when you click on it, a call is made to a special paid number, after which a conversation is simulated and money is withdrawn from the account.

If the user tries to remove the malicious application, he will succeed only by removing the icon. Sly fraudsters did everything so that the victim did not even guess about the infection of the system in his gadget.

A virus can make calls on a full automaton and block the activation of the speaker. Thus, invisibly to the user, a call is made to a special number and money is transferred to the attackers.

A virus that makes calls on Android - Android. Dialer. 7. origin

When the virus first appeared, experts began to look for ways to fix the problem. Initially, they simply complained about short numbers, and they were blocked, but it turned out that fraudsters can remotely change a phone number, so nothing happened.

Why do we tell you about the Android virus. Dialer. 7. origin ? Modern users install Webmoney phones, e-mail and many other useful programs, access to which may be of interest to fraudsters.

Take care of security in advance and install anti-virus applications on your Android devices.

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