A powerful testimonial marketing tool, where is it used?

Powerful advertising campaigns are conducted only by specialists. How much you would not want to attract the attention of potential customers, it will not work if you do not learn how to marketing.

The Internet helps to educate yourself, learn the different tricks of advertisers to put them into practice.

Testimonial is an effective marketing technique based on the presentation of positive opinions from other people. The term came to us from the English language, formed from the word "testimony".

Simply put, the opinion of satisfied customers is collected and presented to potential buyers.

A powerful testimonial marketing tool, where is it used?

How does testimone work?

Teste working, like the testimony of witnesses in court. To get to the bottom of the truth, they interrogate everyone who was present at the crime scene.

In our case, customers are polled who have managed to take advantage of the offer. Surely, you also trust such information more than advertising texts.

Before you order services or buy a product, we all read the reviews. It is difficult to trust someone who offers something on the net. The product can not be touched and talk face to face with a real person. And if the reviews are positive, confidence increases.

Most often, testimonial is presented in 3 formats:

  1. Professional recommendation - an expert in a certain area can be trusted, many people think so. For example, when selling any creams, a review from a dermatologist will definitely play into the hands of the seller.
  2. Recommendation of the client - an ordinary person who decided to take advantage of the offer and did not regret. Most importantly, such reviews should present the problems solved by the product or service.
  3. The recommendation of the star - the popularity of a famous person helps to attract the attention of customers. All stars have fans, and if their idol advises something, it definitely needs to be used. The main thing is to choose a star so that its fans are the target audience.

Just started doing business online and for now, no satisfied customers (money for a star)? Scroll reviews for site promotion. They are not expensive, and thousands of people are ready to come to your aid. By the way, you can order the necessary texts, allegedly from professionals, they will be more effective.

A powerful testimonial marketing tool, where is it used?

Where does testimonial apply?

Obviously, this method is used in advertising. Business owners on the Internet can take testimonial on arms practically for all types of advertising and increase in loyalty of clients.

Copywriters also use it when writing sales articles and texts for:

  • Email mailings;
  • press releases;
  • PR articles;
  • commercial offers;
  • interviews;
  • company descriptions.

Almost everywhere it is worth using this clever trick. It is possible to advertise products on the network using testimonial with maximum benefit. Customer confidence increases, and this affects their decision when buying.

Opinion of experts and ordinary people is trusted, and if you need to advertise something, you can make your own reviews. The main thing is to use different styles and describe different advantages, so that no one would guess that the texts were composed by one author.

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