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How to increase sales from the site and promote it to the TOP of search engines with the help of high-quality content - learn about it from the book "Visual Aid on SEO-copywriting". The new edition of the Ask Ingate series tells how to independently create optimized articles that will interest visitors and be ranked high by search engines. This material is addressed to copywriters, editors, SEO-specialists, marketers, as well as everyone who wants to increase the efficiency of their business.

A new book,

Articles on the site play the role of "sellers" - the more professional they are written, the higher the online sales. SEO copywriting is a technique for creating interesting selling texts that, in this case, meet all the requirements of search engines. Such materials keep visitors to the site, affecting conversion, behavioral factors and site rankings.

From the book "Visual SEO Copywriting Aid" you will learn:

  • What is SEO copywriting;
  • How to write a marketing text ;
  • how to optimize texts for search engines;
  • what to do if the site got under the filter of Yandex or Google;
  • how SEO professionals work with texts.

A new book,

By following the step-by-step instructions on writing optimized texts, you will be able to independently create professional SEO content for your site, gently persuade visitors to make a purchase, to influence online sales.

Use the practical advice of experienced SEO specialists to improve the position of the site in search engine results and increase its profitability.

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