A million dollars on a one-page site, Alex Tew's business

Do you think you can make a million dollars on a one-page site? It would seem the obvious answer is "No," but Alex Tew proved the opposite. A 21-year-old British student came up with an original idea of ​​his own business, which many found absurd.

The main reason for his activity was the need to pay for his studies, but Alex was sure that he could make much more money.

After creating his own one-page site (page size 1000 * 1000 pixels), he decided to divide it into many parts and sell each of them separately.

Each pixel of the site was estimated at just one dollar, and in order to represent a full-fledged information block, buyers had to acquire an average of 10 * 10 pixels, which brought the site owner $ 100.

A million dollars on a one-page site, Alex Tew's business

Alex Tew’s business

There were no restrictions on the ads placed on this site, every buyer could place any information, but it was preferable to place an advertisement.

Alex Tew’s Stratus business was very difficult, because it was very difficult to convince buyers to acquire pixels from an unknown resource. The first buyers who brought $ 400 to the young entrepreneur were relatives and acquaintances.

Constantly talking about his project, and sending requests to friends to share information about the resource with their friends, he managed to earn some money and draw attention to himself.

An interesting business idea attracted the press to its activities. After the appearance of information about the business of Alex in the newspapers, he was invited to a television show, which allowed him to obtain the necessary popularity. In addition to the popularity in the UK, Alex started talking about the business in America. In just two weeks, we managed to sell over 40,000 pixels and make huge profits.

The daily attendance of the site exceeded 230,000 uniques a day , and a little later reached 25,000 per hour. On the first day of 2006, the last block of pixels was put up at a popular online auction, which was sold for almost $ 40,000.

A million dollars on a one-page site, Alex Tew's business

The total profit from Alex’s site was 1. 037 million. At the very beginning of his career, he claimed that the site would exist for 5 years, but more than 8 years had passed, and he continues to function.

Naturally, after the overwhelming success of Alex Tew decided to repeat it and created a new resource pixelotto. com. The idea has not changed, except that now each pixel was sold for $ 2. The second time it was not possible to earn the same amount, however, as it was not possible for all other entrepreneurs who borrowed this business idea.

The story about a million dollars on a one-page site once again shows that money can be made literally out of thin air, the most important thing is to have an original idea and try to realize it, no matter how absurd it seems.

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