A detailed review of the advantages and disadvantages of exchanges for sale and purchase of sites - Profit Hunter

A detailed review of the advantages and disadvantages of exchanges for sale and purchase of sites - Profit Hunter

The site sale and purchase exchange is a service intermediary between buyers and sellers of sites, which also acts as a guarantor of security of transactions. Typically, the implementation of Internet resources occurs on an auction basis, but you can sell and buy at a fixed price.

In this article, we will look at why it is worth buying websites on stock exchanges, as well as reviewing the most popular ones.

Why buy sites

Of course, you can start creating a project from scratch, invest your time and energy in it if the starting capital does not allow. However, if you have one, then it is better to purchase a site with already existing income. Investments pay off, usually in six months or a year, depending on the starting indicators of the site and your efforts. It is much more interesting to deal with a ready-made site with attendance, and there is no need to guess whether the project will shoot out in the future or not. He already brings profit. Also, if the site has one source of income (with contextual advertising), you can add something for your monetization (for example, affiliate banners, your infoproducts, a subscription form for typing your subscription base, etc.)

You should not consider the site from the point of view of passive income, because they need to constantly deal with: order / write articles, do internal and external optimization. However, this is a steady income, a kind of financial "airbag".

It is also possible to buy a website on the exchange for organizing your offline business. For example, ready-made landings or online stores of various subjects are sold.

If you have your own websites and are bored (or have no time) to promote them, then you can sell them at the same auctions.

Overview of popular exchanges of sites


A detailed review of the advantages and disadvantages of exchanges for sale and purchase of sites - Profit Hunter

This is the most popular and trust exchange of domains and sites, the absolute leader in Runet. This service can also be used to estimate the cost of the site. The exchange guarantees that the transfer of rights to the new owner and the funds to the seller is carried out perfectly. Currently, over 115,000 users are registered on Telderi, there are 11,000 active auctions and more than 7,000 bids are held every month.

Advantages of the exchange:

  • High level of trust. Domain Telderi. ru for almost 5 years, he has a high trust. The project was created with the support of the founders of Gogetlinks, Miralinks and Sape.
  • Clearance through the "Secure Transaction". You receive money or a website with a domain only after all obligations are fulfilled by both parties. There are detailed instructions on how to transfer the domain and site to the new owner.
  • Large selection of sites. This is the largest exchange in RuNet, so you can choose a site on the desired subject and the best price.
  • Ability to use Telderi as a guarantor of the transaction. If you find a buyer or seller directly and want to protect yourself from fraud, then the exchange will help with this. True, you have to pay a commission.
  • Convenient interface. You can see which sites are in the system without registration. There is a very flexible filter with a lot of settings for the type of lot, price, expenses and revenues of the site, traffic and "puzomerkam", topics, etc.
  • Enough detailed information about the sites. A huge plus is the availability of statistics on attendance and income. Moreover, this information is taken from the statistical systems and sources of profit, that is, checked by the system.

Disadvantages of the exchange:

  • Commission. For transactions up to 100 thousand rubles, the service takes 5% for itself, up to 400 thousand - 4%.
  • Unreasonable closing of lots. According to some webmasters who sell sites on the system, the administration rejects some sites without explaining the reasons. This item is spelled out in the service rules.

pr-cy. ru / sale

A service that positions itself as an exchange for the sale of sites and a bulletin board at the same time, although these are completely different concepts. Perhaps this description is given simply for search engine optimization.

A detailed review of the advantages and disadvantages of exchanges for sale and purchase of sites - Profit Hunter

The service works on an auction basis. By the number of lots, it is much less than its competitor Telderi.

Service Benefits:

  • There are measures to prevent fraud. For example, to put up a site for sale, you need to have a confirmed wmid Webmoney. If the rights to the site are confirmed by the owner, this is indicated in the description. If not, it’s better not to mess with that seller. Here you can increase your level of trust by adding information about yourself. The higher it is, the easier it is to buy and sell your project.
  • There is a filter with different parameters, so it is quite convenient to select sites.


  • There is no own guarantor of transactions. The developers claim that they are still working on this, and suggest that customers pay attention to third-party services with a commission of 5% of the site cost.
  • Not very user-friendly interface.Information about lots is not as well structured as in Telderi.
  • Comments on lots are not moderated by the administration. The result is a large amount of negativity (often unreasonable), which is sometimes capable of scaring off a potential buyer.
  • There were complaints that the buyers, having made a bid, could simply disappear and ignore the seller.

birzhasaitov. ru

Domain exchange for 10 years, although she herself at first glance does not inspire confidence. Liveinternet attendance here is too low for a successful exchange of sites. It looks more like a bulletin board than a stock exchange, and then you will understand why.


  • Detailed information on income, risk level, ROI. There is also evidence of the financial performance of the site and the calculation of projected income.

A detailed review of the advantages and disadvantages of exchanges for sale and purchase of sites - Profit Hunter

A detailed review of the advantages and disadvantages of exchanges for sale and purchase of sites - Profit Hunter


  • The guarantor of the transaction is included only with amounts over 500 thousand rubles, and the percentage of the commission is not happy here: as much as 10%. That is, in fact, for the purchase of smaller sites you have to risk or choose a guarantor on the side. But the commission for the transaction service in this case does not take. All this makes the site look like a free bulletin board.
  • There is no auction, only the final price, so saving on the purchase will not work.

Buy-sell-site. RF

There are 555 websites and 2270 domains put up for sale on the stock exchange.


  • Official registration with the transfer of legal rights (under the contract).
  • Verifies that the site is owned by the seller.
  • It is possible to lease the site and then buy it out at the end of the lease term.
  • Service staff help new owners of projects, train them.


  • Small selection.
  • Inconvenient interface and little information about sites.
  • No auction.

Thus, among the exchanges of sale and purchase of sites, Telderi is a clear favorite, but if you find an interesting site in a smaller service, you can always choose a third-party guarantor of the transaction to protect yourself from fraud.

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