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By ignoring search engines, you act at your own peril and risk. Today, with so many people making purchases on the Internet, searching for suppliers to run their business, as well as getting traffic, are an integral part of internet marketing.

To solve such a difficult task, you either resort to the help of SEO experts, or you will do everything yourself. In the first case, you pay for the work of others, in the second you save money, but waste your time. Regardless of the option, I agree with the statement that “The more you know your subject, the more accurate and important questions you can ask and the more qualified specialists you can hire.”

9 expert SEO tips for small businesses - Profit Hunter

Last month a webinar was held at Verizon Small Business Center on the theme “Improving SEO experience.” Were interviewed 9 professionals in the field of SEO and social media with experience and understanding of strategies in the field of small business. The following are selections from the interviews:

1. Aaron Wall from SEOBook about choosing a domain name : “Start by choosing a descriptive domain name. You will capture more of the market, plus the brand will have a descriptive URL. Both PS and people like it. Look at the premium domains. Yes, their initial price is much higher, but in the end it pays off at times. ”Aaron continues:“ It’s a big mistake to divide a website or blog into several narrowly themed websites. The brand’s credibility and reputation grow faster on one site than on several. ”

2. Matt McGee from Small Business Search Marketing about developing reliable sites : “Trust is the number one factor in SEO. Earn visitors' trust (due to high content) and PS will follow their example. Create yourself as an expert - write excellent and efficient content, so that the visitors themselves would like to return to your site or exchange links. Stick to a long-term strategy. Update information, follow the news on your topic on the Internet. Write updates. "

3. Robert Brady RighteousMarketing. Com paid search marketing : "When it comes to income t to paid ads, the focus should be on the relevance of your keywords, ad text, and reflect consumer needs. What is on the landing page must exactly match the ad. Your landing pages are bound to fulfill the promises that you promise in your ad. This contributes to an increase in conversion. The proper use of keywords stimulates clicking on advertisements 50% more. ”

4. Vedran Tomic about SEO Rabbit about optimizing for local businesses : "In order to attract customers from your country, include those words on your website that people in your country use to describe your business. If your brand spins up in a certain geographic area region, describe it in detail on your website. Get links from local businesses, suppliers, media, etc. Create ads in all possible local “yellow pages”, directories. Encourage customers to consider your case. ”

5. Tamar Weinberg from Techipedia. com about social media : "Social media sites are very popular. Create thematic groups and communities. Register an account on Twitter and post news about the product being promoted. Also create back links to social groups."

6. Marty Lamers from Articulayers.com about creating content of website : "If you create a copy of the site, then you should pay attention to the following: include the target phrase or the word necessarily in the page title, use plurals or synonyms in the body of the content. Create strong compared to copy content, filling it with a large number of keywords and phrases. ”

7. Debra Mastaler from Linkspiel. com about developing link building campaigns : "It is important to understand your market and demographics to know how and where to promote your product. See popular news channels, contact news agencies for trends and ideas for website content. Use links on the site type “go to” for more detailed information on certain types of information. Do not put all the chips on the main page. ”

8. Will Spencer MemeBridge. com about links to your site : "Links to your site from other sites are crucial. Diversify sources of links: subject directories, article directories, banners, press releases, marketing articles, guest posts, etc.".

9. Diane Vigil at DianeV.com about the importance of a strong technical base : "Choose reliable and high-quality hosting with 24/7 technical support. Make sure that you are the owner of the domain and that the domain is available both on www and without www (you need to redirect it). Back up your site regularly. All this is necessary for the fact that your site was always available. ”

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