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8 ways to save time to work in social networks - Profit Hunter Today’s post is entirely devoted to socialization, social networks, news from the world of social networks, etc. I designed all this in the form of a hodgepodge of links and short notes, but first I offer you a translation of an article about where to take time for this very socialization. (The author of the article has time to earn online, blog and take an active part in the lives of three popular social networks.)

So, here are these 8 ways:

1. Limit your time on unnecessary trips around the city and shopping trips . If you are a freelancer, you can choose where to work: at home or in the office. If conditions allow, work at home, because half an hour there, half an hour back is a whole hour, spent aimlessly to get from one point to another. (If you are still working in the office, try to go about your online business while on the move. It's less efficient, but still better than nothing.) When you go shopping, decide what you need to buy and how long it will take. If you need to stomp to the nearest supermarket for 15-20 minutes, think maybe it is better to go to the nearest grocery store and overpay the top ten, but save half an hour and make a hundred?

2. Do not watch TV. At least alone. Every time you fall on a sofa and start changing channels, you alienate yourself from others and from yourself. The Internet gives communication and feedback (at least virtual), and the TV only absorbs your attention and gives nothing in return. And why do you need to watch all these crazy journalistic investigations and talk shows? It is better to get together with your family or friends a couple of times a week and watch a good movie.

3. Do not read books before bedtime . Reading is a wonderful thing, but how can you enjoy a book when your eyes stick together and the pillow pulls like a magnet? No Therefore, read only with a fresh mind: on weekends, during trips, breaks at work, on the beach, etc. If you really want to torture yourself before going to bed, place a couple of pages on social news sites, vote on Reddit or StumbleUpon or do something that doesn't make you think. 🙂

4. Stop smoking . Use the time it takes to smoke breaks with b o for the most part: vote for a couple of sites, post a couple of news, write a comment ...

5. Do not read the news from primary sources, read what the people voted for. There is a lot of information on the Internet - just an ordinary person can’t reach it. In any case, you will find out who will be the next president of the United States and which film will be the best in 2008, so why wool the news sites for this all day. Trust the choice of the crowd and social programs algorithms. (News sites are not limited to one Digg, there are still niche social spheres like Sphinn for Internet entrepreneurs, where you can always find high-quality news on the chosen topic - a note.)

6. Forget about forums. Forums target problems. If you need problems, read the forums. If you need solutions, read the blogs. If you need the best solutions, read the best blogs and / or niche socials tops. Or use Google search.

7. Don't spend all day checking, reading, and replying to emails. You do not go to check your physical mailbox 20 times a day, right? Email can wait too. Once a day is enough.

8. Turn off Skype and other instant messengers and ICQ if you are not waiting for a call or message. So you’ll get rid of the hunters “just chatting.” There’s still no sense from this chatter, and you can use this time to increase your credibility in social networks.

You’ve probably noticed that such life hacking works not only for social networks, and even not only for Internet marketing in general, but for any field of activity. If you have a special opinion on this subject, I ask in the commentary.

And do not forget that in everything you need to know the measure. And in saving time, including. 🙂


On the bookmark service SocialPoster. com You can see the list of such social networks from Hodinar. If you use social networks primarily for getting backlinks, this feature will definitely come in handy.

By the way, about the benefits of social traffic (at least, the traffic from News 2. 0) just yesterday Artem Shkondin wrote. Informative and with pictures 🙂


8 ways to save time to work in social networks - Profit Hunter Main news from social fields: 26 February Yahoo! plans to launch a beta version of social news to match Digg. During testing, the number of newshunters will be limited (about 100 people). Somewhere by the beginning of the summer social sphere will open its doors for the websites of Yahoo! Publishing Network (Google AdWords equivalent).News will be ranked by the number of votes of users and the popularity of queries in the search engine Yahoo !.

Here is a screenshot of Y! Buzz:

8 ways to save time to work in social networks - Profit Hunter

Click on image to enlarge it.

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