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Fans of virtual casinos over time, too, get tired of playing the same thing.

Readers of our blog constantly learn something new, for example, we recently talked about gaming machines from Oz countries, which also have their fans. But this is not as interesting as new types of the most popular gamble.

Unusual types of roulette are offered by many online casinos. Developers give vent to fantasy, add balls, install unusual roulettes, distribute bonuses and so on.

All this really delays and makes you distract from the classic format of the game . It's worth a try, because it only increases the excitement.

8 unusual types of roulette | Workion. ru

Non-standard roulette online

When visiting various casinos, you should have come across the most popular type of non-standard roulette - without zero. It is in almost all online casinos, it will not surprise an experienced player anymore.

But there are other formats that you might not have heard of:

  1. Mini Roulette - it is common, as many popular developers created it. The main difference is that there are fewer winning numbers available. You can put a maximum of 4 rooms, as well as select additional windows. The advantage of the casino is high here, so playing is not as profitable as in classic roulette:
  2. 8 unusual types of roulette | Workion. ru
  3. Boule roulette - on casino sites it is called La Boule, and it gained popularity several centuries ago. It also has fewer numbers, and the field is unusual. In the roulette itself the numbers are duplicated, and on the field, you can choose odd or even windows, plus additional groups of numbers:
  4. 8 unusual types of roulette | Workion. ru
  5. Roulette with several balls - you haven't seen anything like that yet. The developer of this game was the company Novomatic. There are many variations, but almost everywhere the rules remain standard. Just do not think that this is the most winning roulette, as the prizes are reduced here:
  6. 8 unusual types of roulette | Workion. ru
  7. Roulette with several reels is similar to the previous view, only here you watch the balls at different tables. There is also a variation where one ball is alternately launched into different drums. This is done to increase winnings or bets on additional fields are accepted:
  8. 8 unusual types of roulette | Workion. ru
  9. Roulette without numbers - it has the most types. Drums can be with color windows, some symbols and other symbols. Depending on the game chosen, the field will vary. Understanding the rules is not difficult, you still need to bet on where the ball goes:
  10. 8 unusual types of roulette | Workion. ru
  11. Bauern roulette - invented by German peasants many years ago. Today, it is often used at home, in the virtual world of gambling is extremely rare. It is called Bauern Roulette, in the image below you can see what the playing field looks like:
  12. 8 unusual types of roulette | Workion. ru
  13. Roulette with bonuses - found almost everywhere, most often made under the plot of films and some characters. The main difference is that there are additional windows that bring different rewards. For example, you can win several free bets:
  14. 8 unusual types of roulette | Workion. ru
  15. Card Roulette - sometimes I play it myself on the site. There is no drum in it at all; instead, they take cards from the deck. As in the usual roulette, you need to select the window with the cards, which then fall out. An interesting format, and the chances are the same, because the cards in the deck are also 36:
  16. 8 unusual types of roulette | Workion. ru

The unusual roulette is much more interesting and you need to switch to it when its standard format gets boring. Each type has its fans, and popular casinos continue to create all new types of roulette.

Gambling is interesting, and if something gets boring over time, each player can switch to a new kind of slot, choose a different card game or roulette. Try playing at different tables, maybe discover a new direction.

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